Beachbody Bahamas Trip- Atlantis Resort

Returned to Pittsburgh last night from the incredible Beachbody Bahamas trip! I am sooo overwhelmed with emotion (and laundry)! What an incredible week….I am absolutely heartbroken to see it end. I’ve never been on such an extravagant vacation. My family trips always consisted of family reunions and camping…not my idea of a good time.

From the moment we landed, I was in absolute awe of the island and the hard work, dedication and MISSION that got me there in the first place. Everything seemed to sync up and I had of moment of clarity. THIS is purpose in life…serving those around me and helping others achieve success, build confidence and live the life they are destined for- live up to their greatest potential. By working on my life mission, I’ve been rewarded exponentially with all of the incredible bonds and friendships I’ve formed. I am blessed!

We arrived at the airport- which is never magical lol But we made it out ok- hopped into a Taxi with our next best friends and the ride to the resort was…interesting. We drove through a poor community and I couldn’t help but think about all of the people who live there and wonder what dreams and aspirations they have for their lives. Our taxi sputtered up the hill to a bridge and as we looked out over the bright blue water, we spotted the resort. I swear I held my breathe the rest of the drive because it is beyond words…everything is larger than life down there.

Who did we find in the hotel lobby….my BFF!!! Abby! From that point on the trip was pretty much a blur haha I just remember a lot of laughter, eating! bonding, and feeling like I was right where I was supposed to be

One  year ago I never imagined that this would be my reality…my life has taken such a detour from the miserable, self conscience, judgmental, trapped life I was living. 
Believe in yourself and all things are possible.

Lindsay treated us to a spa day! My First massage EVER! 

Part of My Beachbody family

Me with my girl Seay! Chow Chow! 😉 PS can you believe she’s had THREE kids?!

Brazil Butt Lift Results! lol

The most incredible people I know!<3

Pool side!

Taxi ride! 

Getting ready for a night out!

Lindsay on stage getting her beachbody Challenge award! #1 baby!

View from our room!

Celebrity Trainer Panel! I love Leandro, tony Horton and Shaun T

My girls working it! Yoga with Tony Horton!

Top 10 Coaches!

My Korean Princess passed out with her bottle of wine lol 

Beachbody does things BIG! Incredible fireworks show!!!

New Lifelong friends- Paul & Ashley =)

Airport! About to go through Customs

I’ve never boarded a plane like this!!! Wayyy cool! it was about 120 degrees out though lol

Saving on Airfare 😉


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