Women’s Healthy Meal Plan

ab-pple haha love this!
Abs are made in the kitchen!

Meal plans are what I am asked about the most! So here is another great option for you to follow =)

I eat every two and a half to three hours. My typical day goes
something like this:

7:30 – Egg whites and oatmeal

10:00 – Protein shake with chopped apple

12:30 – Chicken breast with half a sweet potato and asparagus

15:00 – Protein shake

18:00 – Bison steak, brown rice and broccoli

21:00 – Egg whites and a tbsp of natural peanut butter

Chicken & Sweet potatoes 

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.”

I. work. Out

Why do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

Have you ever thought about hitting the reset button on your body? 

Most of us think about our physical appearance & exercising to mold our appearance, but how often do we think about our internals and getting that in shape? Well Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset launched April 12th to help you ‘reset’ your system.

I knowwww I need this! I’ve been experiencing some pretty crazy fatigue in the middle of the day. I personally am going to be starting the Ultimate Reset on May 9th! Email me if you’d like to join my private support group!

Beachbody is known for P90X, Insanity, TurboFire and other great workout programs. They also have a line of great supplements and nutritionals led by their fantastic nutrition drink Shakeology. Now they are launching the Ultimate Reset to help you get your body reset for peak performance.

Why Reset?

Our bodies are very durable but think of all the harmful exposure we endure over time – pollution, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals and toxins that make up our world. These disrupt the normal function of our organs and bodily systems which weaken our immunity, hinders metabolic activity, and creates imbalances that can lead to health problems.

Benefits of a Reset –
Stronger Immune System
Increased energy and endurance
Better digestion, metabolism and weight loss
A more positive mood and mental clarity


The Program –

Phase 1 – In the 1st week you will Reclaim your body’s chemistry with four of the six supplied supplements. These will optimize you bodies system and reduce cravings and dependencies. This is were you start to realize how dependent your body has become on caffeine and sugar.

Phase 2 – In week 2 you start to Release the effects of poor habits built up over time. You will modify your diet so your digestive system will operate without strain. Issues of bloating or indigestion will be significantly reduced as the gastrointestinal tract is cleansed.

Phase 3 – Finally in week 3 you will Restore your system to it’s maximum health and experience positive shifts in mood and energy. You will be eating highly nutritional food that will be readily absorbed into your newly scrubbed digestive tract with pre and probiotics. At this point your body will be ready for ongoing nutrition and ready to perform at peak performance.

What The Ultimate Reset is not –
No Starvation Diets – You will eat 3 healthy meals a day!
No Harsh Laxatives
No being tied to a Bathroom

It will not punish your body but instead feed it the nutrients you’ve been craving!

Ultimate Reset Kit Includes –
Six Supplements – Detox, Alkalinize, Oxygenize, Mineralize, Optimize and Revitalize
Participant Guidebook – 3 week eating plan with recipes, cooking tips, shopping list and more
Two DVDs – How to Reset explaining how to get started and Cooking Class showing you how to prepare healthy reset recipes
Extensive Support – From Team Beachbody coaches to on-line to other tam members
Reset Bracelet – A symbol of your dedication
Supplement Travel Pouch – Never leave home without your supplements

Chalean Extreme Results & Review

Chalean Extreme is one of my new favorite workouts- Chalene Johnson has a way of motivating you to push past the limits you THINK you have…the result….you become leaner & stronger than you ever have been.

What I thought was most interesting about it…I already did P90X and had LIFE CHANGING results from it. BUT! I never lifted more than 10 lbs. I know that heavy weights dont make you bulky but I guess I just thought I could never do more than 10 lbs. Chalene challenges you to test those limits and SEE if you can do more instead of assuming that you cant! Plus she is totally spunky and hilarious- her energy is infectious 

It’s not ALL about me though…right? So I thought I would share SOMEONE ELSE’S review of the workout! Kelly Wager just finished Chalean Extreme so here are her results!  

I graduated from ChaLEAN Extreme today!

*drum roll please* Just kidding!! But I have to say I’m pretty excited with my final results in 3 months of working out and eating to FUEL my body, not to ‘feed’ it. (Big difference there, people, trust me!!) lol I have lost 22 pounds and 20 inches, as well as dropping a size or two in everything I wear!! WOOHOO!! A really great reason to go shopping, right?? 🙂

But what really has me on fire is what I have GAINED!!! I am *strong*!! I have no doubt that I can do anything I want to do. One arm plank with the other arm doing a row with a 15# dumbbell? BRING IT! (x 12 each side!!) Squats with a 30# dumbbell in each hand! Got that too!! I’m ready for 35’s! 🙂 Football drills – I LOVE them!!! And I never thought I could become a runner, but I’m doing my first 5k in just 2 weeks. (heaven help me!!) lol

If you can learn anything from all my (repetitive) posts about exercise, nutrition, fitness, healthy eating, motivational posts – I just want *YOU* to know that *YOU* can do it. Whatever you commit to, whatever you set your mind to ~ DON’T doubt yourself. I didn’t go into this alone. God has blessed me with a phenomenal group of friends and fellow coaches to keep me accountable and motivated and inspired. My family has cheered me on and become motivated themselves!! And when I didn’t have the strength to keep going, God was right there with me, reminding me I wasn’t alone in this!

Don’t worry, this journey isn’t over yet…. I have MANY more goals ahead of me, and a lot more to accomplish in the coming weeks and months, starting with Monday’s TurboFire kick off!!!

I could not have done this without the encouragement and support from my Bombshell Dynasty team, and my wonderful coach, Lynda Suttles! Whenever I’m in a funk, this is the place I come to, and I always find motivation to keep pushing play!! So thank you!!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to TurboFire starting on Monday!! Can’t wait to see what this newest adventure brings!!! ♥

Strawberry Macadamia Nut Protein Shake

If you guys are anything like me- you need some tasty healthy options to keep you on track! This is so delicious I cant even stand it! lol 


1/2 cup water
1 tbsp macadamia nut oil
2 tbsp plain non-fat yogurt
1/4 strawberries
1 scoop Strawberries & Cream (or Delicious Vanilla) Gaspari Nutrition IntraPro
Ice cubes as needed

1. Mix water, macadamia nut oil and non-fat yogurt in blender.
2. Slowly add strawberries, protein powder and ice cubes.

3. Blend, then serve.

Butt Workout

I love love love BBL so much that I feel like it’s my DUTY to share it with ALL women! I’m not kidding- if you have saddle bags, big thighs, muffin top, a saggy butt, NO butt….you need to check this out
If you’re sitting there still feeling a little lost, that’s what I’m here for =) Sign up for a free membership on my team and I’ll help you figure out what works best for YOU =) 

My Before pics  (ugh) they were soooooo bad.
Sitting all day = Cellulite!!! 
Here are two  of my Before pics- I could literally just diiieeee lol

Meal Idea- Salad

I’m ready to devour this! Things always taste a gazillion times better when you can enjoy them outside 🙂 
bed of spring mix covered with tomatoes, avocado, carrots, almonds. 
Are you a salad lover? Or could you live the rest of your life without another one? Lol

French toast eggs

Ok we all have a favorite breakfast food that makes our mouthed water at the mere THOUGHT of it. Ill do just about anything to get my hands on some French toast!! But!! It’s not something I want to eat all of the time but I can’t stop at 2 slices. I always “accidentally” make too much egg batter or whatever they call it. 

Sooooo I’m cutting put the middle man! Just French toast eggs 🙂 

4 egg whites 
1 egg 
1 tsp cinnamon 
 1 tsp vanilla extract 

Mix everything together, then pour into a pan. either scramble or make it into a “pancake” (cook one side in full then flip it over and cook other side) until fully cooked. 

If you’d like, you can add sweetener or zero calories maple syrup 

Nutrition Facts: 153 calories, 21 g protein, 2 g carbs, 5 g fat

My girl Jillian made these already!! Check it out!

French Toast Eggs, Whole grain Oats, strawberries & bacon!

I’m Back!!!

Oh m Gee! Im finally “back” online!! I’ll officially have internet access again on Wednesday! 
I just wanted to let you all know that, yes I am still alive! lol

Just got out to Santa Monica last Wednesday and I’m getting settled! It’s absolutely gorgeous out here!!! 

About to start my ultimate reset next week! So get ready! Im going to be posting my entire 21 day experience!

Ill also be posting tons of meal ideas!! Try Salmon and steamed broccoli & zuchinni!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

What is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ is a comprehensive, no-starvation inner body tune-up that offers much more than the typical cleanse and detox programs on the market. The Ultimate Reset not only helps you eliminate toxins and waste gently and naturally, but it also maximizes your cellular energy production, helping your body process food more efficiently and your systems run more smoothly.*

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a complete three-phase 21-day mind and body program that provides everything you need to:
• Reclaim your body’s natural balance.*
• Release the harmful materials you may be storing within you.*
• Restore your system to its maximum health.*

Why Reset?

Our environment has become more and more toxic. Our bodies absorb pollution and harmful chemicals all our lives, along with the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. These toxins can get stored in our bodies, clogging our cells and slowing down their natural functions. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average American has
approximately 219 toxic chemicals stored in his body, primarily in fat cells. This toxic overload can help lead to premature aging, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society states that 75 to 80 percent of cancer deaths are linked to environmental factors like toxins. It’s not enough just to work out and eat right. At Beachbody®, we realized we had to take a break from the everyday and find a way to get those toxins out of our bodies. Along with getting in shape on the outside, we had to start getting healthy on the inside.* We decided it was time for a Reset.
 What are the benefits of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?
The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a breakthrough program that will help you reset your body so you can feel, look, and be healthier.* In just 21 days, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset helps your body get rid of toxins you’ve been taking in for decades.* You’ll replace the processed foods you’ve been eating with healthy foods. You’ll eat cleanly—possibly for the first time
in your life—and take supplements designed to help your body remove toxins from your cells and organs. After 21 days, you’ll truly feel reset, renewed, and restored—you’ll feel healthy, maybe for the first time since you can remember.
The Ultimate Reset can help you gently restore your body to its original “factory settings,” by safely and naturally helping you to:
  • Flush your organs of toxins*
  • Improve your digestion*
  • Increase energy*
  • Have a more positive mood and better focus*
  • Lose weight (and improve your BMI)*
  • Lower your cholesterol*
  • Eliminate dependencies on sugar and caffeine*
  • Improve your overall health*

How does the Ultimate Reset work?

The Ultimate Reset is a 21-day program, but it’s helpful to think of it in
three distinct phases, each 1 week long:
• Phase OneRECLAIM your body, accessing its inner chemistry and preparing for change.*
• Phase TwoRELEASE the toxic compounds that are stored within your tissues.*
• Phase Three: RESTORE your metabolism to maximum efficiency.*
After just 21 days, you should feel dramatically better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Will it be challenging? Sometimes. But just as Beachbody® workouts aren’t the easiest fitness programs you can do, the Ultimate Reset may also require some extra effort. In return, it can deliver extraordinary results. And keep in mind that no matter how challenging you may find it,  you’ll have your Coach and the entire Team Beachbody®community in your corner to help you through.
Once you complete your 21-day program, you’ll have a “transitioning” period, during which you’ll be guided into life after the Ultimate Reset. You’ll get advice on food and exercise, along with helpful tips on how to maintain—and continue to build on—the great work you’ve accomplished.