Breakfast- Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

The smell of cinnamon is intoxicating! It makes your whole house feel warm and cozy! I was craving a little comfort food this morning so instead of plain old oatmeal, I made Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.

Chop Apples (I prefer Granny Smith! Here I just used 1 HUGE apple)
Put in Saucepan on Medium Heat
Add Cinnamon (I just throw it in there)
Heat apples, stirring occasionally. Mix in 1/2 C Almond Milk.
When apples are soft, add in 2 C Oatmeal

**Optional- if you need yours a little sweeter, add in Stevia or Truvia. I like the plain apple cinnamon taste**

Serve with Eggs!
Lots of Sea Gulls today!
Date Night =)

Filet, Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Veggies
Boys will be boys 

Body Beast Progress Day 15 Build: Shoulders

Woooweee! I just wrapped up Day 15 of Body Beast and I am BEAT! Build: Shoulders

Please don’t ask me to raise my arms above my head haha The workout is about 38 minutes long and focusing on creating perfect deltoids (fyi deltoid muscle is the muscle forming the rounded contour of the shoulder, thanks wikipedia!) 

On to the workout: 
BUILD:Shoulders leverages single sets, super sets and a killer giant set of a broad range of shoulder movements. Exercises include dumbbell shoulder press, lateral raise, upright row, EZ bar underhand press, front raise series, rear delt raise, dumbbell shrug, dumbbell scap trap, six way shoulder raise and you finish up with Ab tuck & rolls.

The limited breaks within sets keeps your muscles engaged and heart rate elevated. The workout took me about 55 minutes instead of 38 because I needed to pause to change out my weights….and quite honestly because I needed a break! haha

Everyone has been asking me if I’ve seen results yet. Here’s the deal, physically I haven’t seen much change (although I felt the same way when I was doing P90X. It wasn’t until I compared pictures that I saw the changes). BUT I have gotten a LOT stronger! 
I’m seeing a lot of improvement in my form and the amount I can lift! Booyahhhh!! Check this out! The highlighted areas are where I improved!

Standing Dumbbell raises takes the Gold- I went from 5-10 lbs up to 25-35!

This is exactly why it’s so important to track your progress! If you need the Body Beast worksheets, here is the link to Download them. 
Tracking can be a little tedious but you strive to improve your numbers and you feel like a total Bad ace when you dominate!

Sweaty mess!!

I’m going to blog about each of the workouts…but I will say…much to my surprise…I am LOVING this workout! I was intimidated at first because it’s aimed at men- but Sagi is unintentionally hilarious which is entertaining enough to distract me from the fact that we are working out lol

Sagi hassles the other guys in the workout- “Did your mommy write you a permission slip?” “Is that all Barbie?!” 

But, he is really right there working with you…pushing you…he even urges you to continue and work on your form even if you need to drop the weights and continue with just the movement. Very encouraging! 

Since I’m so beat…I didn’t want to mess around with dinner. Sooo why not throw everything in a pan in the oven!
Chicken Broccoli Casserole

1 to 2 lbs. chicken breasts

  • 1 package of frozen broccoli 
  • Soup (chicken or I used Miso because that’s all I have)
  • 2 cups uncooked instant brown rice
  • Aluminum foil

Preheat oven to 375. 

Wash  chicken under cold running water. Pat the chicken dry with a paper towel & place it on a cutting board. Use a sharp knife to cut the chicken breasts into small cubes and throw in roasting pan or pyrex dish.

Add your frozen broccoli in with the chicken and pour the soup over  it. Mix in 1/2 cup of hot water and the rice and stir well until creamy.

Cover the roasting pan with aluminum foil and place the pan in the oven. Cook the dish for an hour.

Rainy Day Project Idea

I cant stand white walls! I don’t know what it is but they are soooo ugly to me! No personality, no FUN! No expression of your style… definitely not my type! I’m a total Sanguine (for all of you who have read Personality Plus- great read!!) but for those of you who haven’t read it…the definition of a sanguine:


The sanguine temperament is fundamentally impulsive and pleasure-seeking; sanguine people are sociable and charismatic. They tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and tend to be boisterous. They are usually quite creative and often daydream. However, some alone time is crucial for those of this temperament. Sanguine can also mean sensitive, compassionate and romantic. Sanguine personalities generally struggle with following tasks all the way through, are chronically late, and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic. Often, when they pursue a new hobby, they lose interest as soon as it ceases to be engaging or fun. They are very much people persons. They are talkative and not shy. Sanguines generally have an almost shameless nature, certain that what they are doing is right. They have no lack of confidence.

It cracks me up because it’s soooo true! But anywhooo back to the point…I wanted to get rid of the white walls in our place because I can’t stand looking at them! So I thought…how cute would it be for my boyfriend and I to paint something together!? 

Now it was a bit of a struggle to get him to Michael’s, but eventually he gave in! Once we got there, I had to reign him in because there are so many project possibilities!! Michael’s is awesome because a) they have everything b) they always have sales and coupons! 

We bought a 36×36 canvas, acrylic paints, tray, paintbrushes, sponges & paint roller all for about $45!
Now….figuring out what/how to paint is a totally other story!

All of this craft shopping was exhausting, so we had to stop to re-fuel at a local bakery Le Pain Quotidien.
Body Beastis no joke! Right now, according to the guide- I need 2027 calories for the Build Phase (round to 2000). Better start eating! hah 
For the build and bulk phases, I need

5 Portions of Starches
2 Portions of Legumes or Protein Liquids
Portions of Veggies
Portions of Fruits or carb liquids
Portions of Protein
Portions of fat
1 Scoop Hardcore Base Shake, 2 scoops Fuel Shot

This might sound like foreign craziness to you, but the nutrition guide breaks down what you can eat for each category. It’s not hard, I promise!
Anywayyyyy back to the Bakery- We picked this place because of their philosophy and incredible BREAD!! haha 

“Whenever we can, we source organic ingredients. This way, we not only build lasting and meaningful partnerships with organic farmers, but we also ensure our ingredients are of the highest quality. It’s about finding the very best, in a way that is good for all of us.

This philosophy influences every part of the way we do business, from the food we serve to the design of our stores to the materials we use. We use reclaimed wood and recycled Gypsum in construction, energy-efficient lamps, and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and packaging.

It’s good for our bodies, our communities, and our earth”

They hook you up with a “bucket of bread” haha and tons of natural nut butters and jams. So delicious! This wasn’t exactly on the Body Beast menu…but hey…we’ve been working hard!
Yummyyy carbs!! What better way to get the creative juices flowing! Right?!

It all starts with a blank canvas!

Since we are right by the ocean, we picked an ocean-y theme and colors. I lovvee how rich and bright they are!

The sanguine in me wanted to just go right in and start painting! You have to start somewhere right?! So we painted and re-painted until we got the look we wanted. That’s the beauty of acrylic paint….you can cover up your first attempts lol

Work in progress!

 Almost finished….

 TA DA!!!!!!!
The J&K exhibition! Our official debut as artists!!!

We learned a lot of painting….and communication!!! Lol we started with totally different visions…but ended with a cool design, some amazing memories, some COLOR in our place, and a powerful memento to look back on over the years! 
If you’re looking for a good rainy day project, do this with someone you love! 

Love you babe =)

Now I have something pretty to look it while I’m working out! DAY 9 of Body Beast! I’ll have to write a review to share my thoughts…but I must say, I love it! and it’s totally kicking my butt!

It’s time to make a COMMITMENT! What is one thing you put off YESTERDAY and are COMMITTED to doing TODAY??? If you need a little nudge, email me! I start Challenge groups EVERY MONTH!

Inspiration of the day!!

Santa Monica Attractions- Z Garden & Escondido Falls

Ever eat somewhere that was sooo amazing you felt compelled to write a review? I am sooo blown away by this place that I HAVE to share it with you guys.
Z Garden
Z Garden
2350 Pico Blvd
Santa MonicaCA 90405
Neighborhood: Santa Monica

(310) 392-2900

We love food! So we are always on the lookout to try somewhere new =) This place popped up on Yelp so we decided to give it a go.
5 thumbs up!
We started with hummus and pita bread. Apparently it’s made fresh daily- so delicious! Jay went with Lamb on a bed of rice, a side salad and hummus.
I opted for the BEEF STEAK KEBAB PITA SANDWICH (Charbroiled marinated beef steak lettuce, tomato, onion, parsley and hummus.) Only $7.45!
Very filling and tasty! The food was good…but the service was OUTSTANDING! If you want an inexpensive meal and to be treated like royalty, def visit this place =)

Ever live some where and somehow miss out on all of the touristy things that everyone else travels to see? I don’t want to be THAT GUY especially since I’m so new to the city.
So in the spirit of exploring more of Santa Monica, we decided to hit up the beach and some of the local trails.

 We have hands down the most incredible view! How could you NOT spend all of your time outside with beauty like this?!? 

We also found the Escondido Falls hiking trail. This 3.8-mile hike visits a 200 foot waterfall that is split into two tiers. The upper tier is 150 feet tall and stunning after a rainstorm. 
Unfortunately, it has not rained recently so the water was not that impressive…although it DID look like a pretty little rainforest.

 Lots of wildlife along the way!

And of course I can’t leave without putting in a health/fitness tip!!

There is no reason you have to eliminate fruit from your diet if you are trying to lose weight and decrease body-fat. Fruit is high in fiber, loaded with nutrients and makes a great post workout snack. Yes it contains fructose and too many carbs just like too much of anything can slow progress- so stick to one to two servings a day and watch your portion sizes.

Whipped Banana Toast and Body Beast

We are officially ending the first week of Body Beast and I’m a little surprised to say that I love it. I doubt that Sagi is trying to be funny, but the workouts are hilarious. 
“The beast” gives the guys in the workout a hard time, ex: “Did your mommy write you a permission slip.” “You’re lifting like Barbie” It cracks me UP! I’ve said this time and time before…for me to workout, it has to be FUN! and while the atmosphere in the workout is def a man’s world…Sagi provides enough levity to keep me smiling throughout the grueling 50 min workouts.  

The workouts actually go by really fast! I am constantly pausing because unlike P90X, Sagi doesn’t mess around between sets. You go from one immediately onto the next. This is going to be AWESOME when I have the workouts down pat. After doing P90X for awhile, I found myself fast forwarding thru Tony Horton’s long talking spells. I love him…but speed it up! 

 To keep the floor clean, we are using Power Blocks instead of having weights all over the place.  I have to pause a lot to switch out the weight- but I like the fact that they are compact!

This week I had an idea to change breakfast up a little bit. I adapted the Whipped Banana Oatmeal recipe to come up with a Banana “Sauce” for our toast. 
I heated the Almond milk and sliced bananas on medium heat. Added a little Agave Nectar (or you could use syrup, honey) and cinnamon. Stirred until it looked like apple sauce.
Pour over Whole wheat toast and enjoy!

We ate ours like banana sandwiches! Delish! 

619 Muscle Long Beach Branden Ray Flex Magazine Shoot

Had a really cool experience recently- we had the honor of going out to support our friend Branden Ray’s at his photo shoot for Flex Magazine! 
This gym was ridiculous- 619 Muscle has hardcore. People were there to WORK. I’ve never been to a gym like this- really cool to see some of the IBFF pros workout . 
Talk about motivation!

Branden taking a break =)

Check out the awesome wall art!

Cool fun fact- this is where they did the Muscle & Fitness photoshoot for Flo Rida!

Pics from Muscle & Fitness

They have had visits and shoots with tons of pros! Check out one of my favs- Nicole Wilkins

and Pauline Nordic- she is known for her booty! Go to

Spa Day Sunday

When you start your week out right, Monday isn’t so scary! I’m so glad I got back to my Sunday spa routine because I gotta tell ya…I jumped out of bed this morning. 
This of course was partly due to the fact that I was so relaxed yesterday that I was ready for bed by 930p lol
The boyfriend was pretty relaxed as well- he always thinks my beauty things are silly…until he tries them. If you don’t already have a sleep mask…get one asap. They are amazing- especially if you travel a lot or get headaches. 

I love love love getting new beauty goodies so I made a trip over to Sally’s Beauty yesterday and picked up a new clay mask, hair product and always have to get one new nail polish =)

Occasionally, I’m embarrassed to say…I fall asleep with my makeup on. Even one night completely clogs my pores and you know it’s bad when your man mentions something about it to you! Eeeeek! I was in DESPERATE need of a pore cleansing! My pick of the week- Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.
It was about $6-7 at Sally’s

It says it absorbs excess oil, rinses away blackheads and minimizes the appearance of pores. I left it on for about 20 minutes until it was dry but I read reviews about people leaving it on overnight and having amazing results. It had an amazing smell and a nice cooling sensation. It was a little tingly- it was like a could feel my pores being cleaned out.
The Result: Loved it! My skin felt great and the BF commented on what a difference it made. You KNOW it’s good when your man wants you to put it on him next lol
UPDATE: Jay let me put the mask on him!! Check it out!

Next on my list- Repair my dry/damaged hair. I thought I’d give Aphogee’s Keratin 2 minute Re-constructor a whirl
Wash hair and then work 1/2 ounce evenly through hair. Leave on for 2-5 minutes. If you want maximum penetration, you can cover your hair with a warm towel or shower cap. I opted not to…just because.
The Result: To be determined. I felt like my hair was silky, softer and it air dried straight! That never happens. I can’t really tell if it made that much of a difference. It says to use Weekly so I’m going to try again next week. It does smell pretty yummy as well.

BODY: Baking Soda Body Scrub. My sister has been telling me about this for awhile…and I just never got around to trying it until now…
Baking Soda as an exfloliant/body scrub

So I looked up a ton a “recipes” for this online. You can add scents, essential oils, olive oil, coconut, etc…but for simplicity’s sake I went with the good ole fashioned Baking Soda plus water. 3 parts baking soda, one part water = body scrub.

Rub this all over your body, rinse. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

The Result: I like. It’s cheap, green, and easy. You miss out on sudsy fun, but that’s a small price to pay. 
I waited until I was completely dry before putting on any lotion because I wanted to see if it actually made my skin any softer, and I think it did! 
I’ll prob be more careful next time because I got Baking Soda everywhere when I was rinsing it off lol Good thing it’s also a great bathroom cleaner.
Is there anything Baking Soda can’t do?

Onto Breakfast! Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal and Eggs!
I’m not exactly sure when my love affair with cinnamon started but I lovee it so much. It makes the whole house smell warm and cozy!

Why I love this recipe:

it’s super easy, it’s healthy, it’s a great alternative to cereal and boring breakfast options


1 cup Almond Milk
1 cup Old-Fashioned Oats
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 banana, thinly sliced


Heat Almond Milk (or water) in a small saucepan. Add thinly sliced banana and cinnamon. Keep pan over heat and stir for approximately five minutes until the bananas dissolve. I like my oats to be hearty and a little dry so I add them last. Stir, pour oatmeal into a bowl and if you’re feeling frisky, add almond and banana slices.

Reading on a Sunday is a MUST! My Top recommendation right now- The Greatest Miracle in the World.
Wow, wow, wow is all I am gonna say. Make sure this book makes it on your list!  One of my ultimate joys in life- curl up in a good reading chair by the window with a super comfy throw blanket, a great book, and a delicious smelling house. Thank you to my gorgeous friend Donna for the most amazing candle ever!!

The Sunday night festivities didn’t end there… I was sooooo excited to make popcorn! We opted for the over the stove popper thingy. So exciting! It was like a mini adventure. We settled in on the couch with our popcorn to cuddle. Perfection ❤

So here we are…Monday again! Time to get my booty into gear! But first…I must decide which color?! Orange or blue!
Along with Body Beast, we’ve been running through the beautiful Santa Monica neighborhood. I need some new kicks because sadly, mine are getting worn out! They recommend using them for only 500 miles (typically about 6 months or less!!) Booo!!

5 Strategies to Eat Out Without Gaining Weight

Ladies & gentlemen the wait is over!!! I never thought I would see the day, but our Body Beast workout and supplements have arrived!!!

Our BODY BEAST Challenge Group is now forming!!

OR if you are a crazy couple like us and want to do a workout program together, shoot me over an email for the deets!

Are you ready to release the BEAST & do WHATEVER IT TAKES?? 🙂

This picture pretty much sums up how the next 90 days are going to play out. He’s such a goof ball! 

What to Eat when you Go Out!
People always ask me what I eat when I go out. We found this amazing restaurant called True Food. They serve exactly what I look for…REAL FOOD! Here are a couple of simple rules to remember:
1) Remember your goal. You DON’T have to “eat your moneys worth.” Change your mindset! Instead of eating until you are full, simply eat until you are no longer hungry. Portion control! You should be eating every couple of hours so don’t act like you aren’t going to see food again until the full moon. Relax- you’re eating again! And you can always take left overs home.
2) Greens baby! Start with a salad! Get those veggies in. Instead of dressing, I prefer using the natural juice of tomatoes and lemons. MMmeee!
3) Skip that bread! I lovveee me some bread! Buttt what is more important to you? your goal or enjoying some bread? Sometimes I choose the bread haha but if you want results…ask the server to leave it in the kitch!
4) Steamed please! Look for options like- steamed, baked, grilled. Ask the server to skip the butters and oils! If you’re stumped, ask for some grilled chicken and steamed or raw veggies. Be nice and they will help ya out!
5) Don’t shovel your food! We’ve all been “that guy.” You are so famished by the time your food gets there that you are literally shoving it in your mouth. STOP! Breathe! Chew your food at least 25 times.
If you are a talker like my bf, then this will give you good practice letting other people talk while you chew 😉  
This turkey burger made my Top 3 list of best burgers ever- they added tomato, avocado, lettuce and my favorite…hummus! Add a Kale salad and sweet potatoes on the side and I’m one happy chicka. 
Sweet potatoes used to weird me out- I’m not sure if it was the color or texture, but I’m happy to say I’ve overcome my fear of them because they are so darn good for you!
Jay went with the steak, rice and greens. I snuck a couple of bites while he wasn’t looking. delish as well! I almost wish that I would have ordered this. Protein, greens and complex carbs with a little healthy fat (avocado)!

Workout on the days you want to be happy! Get those workouts in baby! Our workout time is almost considered like a little date! Almost!  I still like a night out! 😉 

Ab Ripper X!
Our other hobby…Reading! It’s quite therapeutic and it’s amazing what you learn about yourself and your life/business/relationships.  My latest buys….

I know people keep telling me to get a Nook, but there is something about holding a book in your hands. (and falling asleep with it lol)
Nook, Kindle, or the real deal…whatever you favor…just make sure you are always learning, reading, growing, reflecting

The quest for new knowledge has taken me on quite a journey over the last few years. It’s been a wild/crazy/fun ride!
For the longest time, I’ve been thinking about writing a letter to my past self.  Knowing what I know now, what would I share with myself from 3 years ago? Hmm…ever look back and think about how different you are? I am soooo much smarter than who I was a few years ago…I’ve learned so much, changed in leaps and bounds.

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope that you still marvel at the unexpected challenges that life sends your way. We are all truly blessed to be back to keep on truckin’ and put one foot in front of the other. 


5 Sneaky Tips for Weight Loss WITHOUT Working Out!

Sometimes I have these surreal moments where I ask myself…am I really posting bikini pics on the internet? It’s weird when I look back on my journey and how far I have come.

It’s not like I ever had a TON of weight to lose but 10, 15, 20 lbs can take a huge toll on your self confidence!
We ALL want a bikini body but when you grow up with a certain body image, (ok, maybe this is just me but…) but I had that “well I’ll never be that girl” mentality.
It’s a load of crap- stop talking yourself out of success!! You can do it! How do I know? Because I did it!

I wanted to share some simple things you can do to get that bikini body and start LIVING! Seriously think about how many times you have held yourself back from LIFE because you don’t feel confident. You go to the beach but just lay on the towel trying to hide and cover up. You go to Six Flags but wear a baggy t-shirt and long shorts even though it’s 1000 degrees. Been there, done that. I’m over it! The Struggle is much less painful than regret! 

Weight loss actually has MORE to do with what you eat, so…

Tip #1 Eat Real Food!
The thing that really clicked for me was the principle of eating REAL food as nature intended. Honestly, at first I was a little lost. I read this concept in the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. She says something like- only buy items that contains 5 of less ingredients. Now how in the world could something contain less than 5??? 
Oh wait…Zucchini (one ingredient!), tomato, banana, eggs! Start buying REAL food as nature intended! Your body knows how to break these down and use them for energy instead of storing them as fat.  Real food will give you the most nutritional bang for your buck!
If you really start to take a look at labels, there are so many unnecessary science project looking things added to foods. It’s a little freaky! If you must buy something processed- pick the most natural one with the least about of ingredients! Just remember, highly processed foods are typically high in calories and in low nutrients so you aren’t doing yourself any favors.
It’s all about Common Sense Eating! 

My new favorite thing- Farm Fresh to You! It’s a delivery service that brings a box of fresh produce straight from local farmers. You never know what you’re going to get so it makes you try new recipes!

Best tasting nectarine of my life! So juicy and fresh!!
Tip #2 Eat Often!

Anyone who spends time with me knows that I am constantly eating. Right on cue every 2-3 hours I am hungry again! 
I don’t know who came up with the concept of starving yourself but not only does it not work, it makes you miserable! If you deprive yourself, your body goes into starvation mode and hangs onto fat for dear life (back in the caveman days this might have saved your life- today it just keeps you fat).
Eat 5-6 meals a day spaced out every 2-3 hours. Keep in mind your portions will be smaller than what your used to on the 3-meal a day plan. The concept here is to keep yourself constantly stimulate your metabolism and keep yourself from being hungry so you don’t feel the need to binge and overeat. 
This concept was so hard for me to adhere to initially that I actually set a reminder on my phone lol

Meal #5! Enjoying some of our awesome fresh corn from Farm Fresh!

Tip #3 Plan Your Strategy
Have a busy life? Duh, right? So HOW are you setting yourself up for success. If you don’t plan it, it’s not real. Wanna know the biggest BS excuse? “I don’t have enough time”  Somehow, Oprah and the president seem to get stuff done. We all have 24 hours in a day- same level playing field.

We always make time for the things that are truly important. Take control of your time! Plan your meals! Prepare food ahead of time! Check out my post about planning!

I always write out my meal plan so I a) know what to buy b) know what to make c) it keeps me from going willy nilly in the grocery store and spending crazy money.
Need Ideas on WHAT to eat? Go here or visit the Grocery List tab above!

Tip #4 Drink Water!
Reach for the water! Listen carefully: you cannot lose weight without water! You need water to survive! Water is responsible for regulating your body temp, keeping your joints in good health, and keeping your tissue and cells from breaking down. So get to it! 

A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in half. That is the number in ounces of water you should drink.

We always have water all day lonnnggg and with every meal!

Tip #5 Enjoy!

Stop and smell the roses! If you aren’t enjoying your meal plan- time to find one that you like. Have fun with it. Honestly, I used to hate spending time in the kitchen…but I think that was because I didn’t know what I was doing. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination!

Cute little baby bird we spotted! He was so friendly! 

Side Note: We just recieved a new tub of Casein which is a slow release protein. Here’s the deal…when you sleep, you’re on a fast…during which, your body is forced to turn to your own muscle protein for fuel. The longer you go before sleep without eating, the more your muscle will be eaten away. You can avoid this but ending your day with a slow-digesting protein. This is our last meal of the day.

Anywayyyy, I only bring this up because Im baffled as to why the scooper is ALWAYS at the very botom of the tub. I had to fish this little guy out with a big spoon thingy.
What strategies have helped you plan your meals in the past?

Weight Loss Tips: Meal Planning and Prep

A BIG key to success is having a PLAN! Think about it….you wouldn’t start your day, go on vacation or show up to a job interview without a plan, right? I used to eat on the go and grab food on the fly…guess where that got me? 20 lbs heavier and feeling pretty crappy about my body.

So think of meal prep and packing your cooler as your PLAN for a HEALTHY BODY! Your biggest obstacle is going to be managing your time so that getting fit and healthy doesn’t compete with the rest of your commitments, like taking care of the kids, hubby or spending time with friends!

Believe it or not, prioritizing and planning ahead with actually  make life….dun dun dun…EASIER! Not to mention, it will set you up for success in the long term! It may seem trivial but I promise that its worth it! Having everything ready and packed will be less stressful than leaving your meal choices up to chance and heading to whatever take out joint is near by at mealtime! Helllooo muffin top!

TIPS: Schedule in time on the weekends to buy and prepare your food for the week! SO WORTH IT! A little time in the store and kitchen on Sunday means for the rest of the week you can JUST GRAB AND GO!
***This took me a good 2-3 months to really get a routine down. I actually HATED it at first- I was really resistant to change but once I saw the results…I was hooked!

If you are on the go a lot, pack Cook Free Snacks: raw almonds, protein powder, low-fat string cheese, chopped veggies, fruit, ezekiel bread, hummus etc. You can keep little ziplock baggies of almonds in your car so you ALWAYS have something to grab.

GET YOURSELF A COOLER: 31 sells these amazing coolers that fit your snacks perfectly. I always take them with me! Always pack 1 extra snack than you really need! Pack it the night before and grab and go!!

Sometimes people will give me excuses about the cost of eating healthy. The fact of the matter is…I spend less money now than I did before when I was buying processed crap. I know it’s not just in my head because I track my finances on (the most amazing site ever). 
But even if it did cost more, aren’t you worth the investment?

Now to the nitty gritty…what should you eat? That’s the key right there….EAT! If you starve yourself or even if you unknowingly are not consuming enough, you body will go into starvation mode and hang onto fat for dear life. It might sound counter-intuitive but you need to eat to lose!

Calories are not all created equally. You cannot consume 1900 calories of ice cream and 1900 calories of chicken/rice/veggies and expect to get the same result. Your body needs all of the essential building blocks to keep you body functioning properly and give you energy!
This meal plan is by far one of my absolute favorites. It’s about 1900 calories, 210g of carbs, 216 g of protein. 
For me, it’s a lot of food! Keeps me full, energized and actually satisfied!

Meal 1
8 eggs whites
1 cup of oatmeal OR 2 slices of whole wheat toast
1 banana or small apple
Glass of Lemon Water (cleanses you naturally) 

Meal 2

6 oz chicken
1 cup brown rice

Meal 3

6 oz chicken
1 sweet potato
Unlimited Green beans or spinach

Meal 4 

Meal 5
6 oz chicken
1/2 cup brown rice
Unlimited Greens

Meal 6

Casein Protein Shake

Soooo I think I’m one of those freaks of nature that can eat the same thing everyday for weeks on end and be perfectly happy. I like the consistency of it and being able to have something I look forward to (I’m counting down until I get to have my Shakeology right now lol) but I get the desire for variety! 
I wanted to show ya’ll that just because you are following a meal plan, it doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up!
The most important thing to remember is to customize it to YOU! Your level of activity, tastes, and how your body reacts to certain foods might be totally different. LISTEN to your body and make adjustments as needed! And another side note: just because Im saying it’s ok to change up the meal plan…does NOT mean you should start adding craziness like m&ms to your oatmeal. You know who you are! 
Go shopping! Stick to the outer edges of the store! Buy REAL food!
What I love most about being in a Beachbody Challenge group because it’s a great way to stay accountable AND share ideas. Some of these pictures are from my friends in the group- but I just want to illustrate the variety and options you have!  
MEAL 1 Varieties!
Cherries, Egg Whites & Spinach and Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Toast
2 Slices Whole Wheat Toast, 1 Banana with cinnamon, Egg whites with Black Pepper
From my girl Nicole Morse- Eggs whites with mushrooms, Whole Wheat toast and blueberries

MEAL 2, 3, 5 Varieties

Chicken, Brown Rice and Brocolli, Mushrooms, Red Peppers

Salmon with Lemon pepper Aparagus & Brocolli

Meal 3- Unlimited Veggies! Mix a little Balsamic, Oil and lemon for your own dressing!

From my girl Nikki,  Baked Cajun Chicken with roasted garlic quinoa and zucchini and asparagus!! 
Amber Gross’ Chicken, spinach and sweet potato fries
Grilled Chicken Salad
Salmon, asparagus, & vegan gluten-free couscous!

Chicken Salad with wild rice. The chicken salad has roasted chicken from the deli in the grocery store (no skin) almonds, grapes and Grey Poupon’s creamy dijon *which has 0 calories or fat* 

Baked Garlic & Herb Tilapia, Brown Rice, Steamed Broccoli & Carrots 

Lean Pork Chops with brown rice and yellow squash 

Salmon Salad
Baked Chicken with diced tomatoes, brown rice, and greenbeans
Blackened Salmon with Veggies


Rice Cakes with Natural Peanut Butter!

Shakeology blended with Strawberries Mmmm!

Shakeology with PB2

Happy Shopping!