Santa Monica Attractions- Z Garden & Escondido Falls

Ever eat somewhere that was sooo amazing you felt compelled to write a review? I am sooo blown away by this place that I HAVE to share it with you guys.
Z Garden
Z Garden
2350 Pico Blvd
Santa MonicaCA 90405
Neighborhood: Santa Monica

(310) 392-2900

We love food! So we are always on the lookout to try somewhere new =) This place popped up on Yelp so we decided to give it a go.
5 thumbs up!
We started with hummus and pita bread. Apparently it’s made fresh daily- so delicious! Jay went with Lamb on a bed of rice, a side salad and hummus.
I opted for the BEEF STEAK KEBAB PITA SANDWICH (Charbroiled marinated beef steak lettuce, tomato, onion, parsley and hummus.) Only $7.45!
Very filling and tasty! The food was good…but the service was OUTSTANDING! If you want an inexpensive meal and to be treated like royalty, def visit this place =)

Ever live some where and somehow miss out on all of the touristy things that everyone else travels to see? I don’t want to be THAT GUY especially since I’m so new to the city.
So in the spirit of exploring more of Santa Monica, we decided to hit up the beach and some of the local trails.

 We have hands down the most incredible view! How could you NOT spend all of your time outside with beauty like this?!? 

We also found the Escondido Falls hiking trail. This 3.8-mile hike visits a 200 foot waterfall that is split into two tiers. The upper tier is 150 feet tall and stunning after a rainstorm. 
Unfortunately, it has not rained recently so the water was not that impressive…although it DID look like a pretty little rainforest.

 Lots of wildlife along the way!

And of course I can’t leave without putting in a health/fitness tip!!

There is no reason you have to eliminate fruit from your diet if you are trying to lose weight and decrease body-fat. Fruit is high in fiber, loaded with nutrients and makes a great post workout snack. Yes it contains fructose and too many carbs just like too much of anything can slow progress- so stick to one to two servings a day and watch your portion sizes.


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