Brazil Butt Lift Results

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Body Beast Women’s Results

Everyone has been asking me how Body Beast is going! Sooo I thought I’d give ya’all an update. So if you have no idea what I’m taking about you can watch this little video or check out my post about Body Beast.
Ok so here’s the dealio…at first I was super intimidated by the workout. Like kinda freaking out haha But once I got into my groove…I’ve discovered that 
#1 I really love it 
#2 Sagi is hilarious (not sure if that’s intentional which makes it even funnier) 
#3 Sagi is so HANDSOME. he’s 40 which is PROOF that muscle = fountain of youth
#4 He’s surprisingly motivational. “Whatever it takes” He encourages you to continue with the reps even if you have to drop your weights
#5 I feel SO STRONG!!!! but I STILL have my feminine curves and girly body that I love 
#6 I’ve learned to let go of the number on the scale. ok so I KNOW that muscle is denser than fat but…ever feel like it’s easy to GIVE advice but then when it comes to YOU…you forget all common sense and science and you focus on how you “feel”  Yea, I need to knock that off! haha I’m learning…

I love this illustration. Obviously a pound is a pound, however muscle takes up less space than fat, so if there are two people that weigh the same-one lean and one not so lean, the one with higher body fat % will appear bigger in size.

I’m not gonna lie…I had no idea what a super set, drop set, progressive set or any other “bodybuilder” term meant. Totally ignorant. But now..I feel like I’ve learned soo much over the last month and a half. I’m pushing myself more and allowing myself to be successful. This might sound a little silly..but even when I did P90X I would stop myself from picking up a heavier weight or pushing myself harder because my brain was telling me I couldn’t. 
Your mind gives up before your body does!! After doing the Ultimate Reset and then transitioning into this…I feel like I’m more in tune with my body and actually listening to my body instead of what I THINK I can do. 

Day 35 Body Beast Results 

I currently still have about 45 days to go so I’ll keep you posted…but ladies seriously…don’t be afraid of this workout. The best part- this is something you can do with your man (without worrying that YOU’ll look like a man haha) and you’re getting STRONGER FOR LIFE!

I can rearrange the living room by myself if I wanted! Move this couch? No problem! 

Excuse the bathroom mess haha but I’m FINALLY getting those nice round shoulders I’ve always wanted and toned arms! No bingo arms for me!!!

I should add that this is the meal plan I’ve been following…although I’ve cheated A LOT!!! haha so my focus this month is to tighten the reins…log my food intake on (if you’re on there, my name is katiheifner  add me!) but so far so good! 

And yes I take all of the supplements they recommend. I love the Suma Root because I swear it improves my mood. (At least that’s what my boyfriend tells me lol)
Although now that we’ve moved into the next phase Ive stopped taking Fuel shot because it’s too many calories but yea….I take Suma Root, protein and creatine and I still drink my Shakeology and take the Beachbody Omegas

5 Things You should Consider before Becoming a Beachbody Coach

So you are looking into this whole “COACHING” thing?

Here are 5 things you need to know before making the BEST decision for YOUR life!

#1 – Coaching is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”

If your number one priority is making bukoo bucks… You might as well save your $39.95 (sign up cost) and keep looking for the right opportunity for you… Because coaching will be a big fat waste of your time… NOT because you cannot end up making BIG MONEY… because you DEFINITELY CAN… but because in THIS business, the only people who make money are the ones who actually care to make a difference and help people change the course of their lives! Your income will ALWAYS be a direct reflection of the number of lives you help change!

You’ve probably wondered, what the heck do you actually DO as a coach, just SELL stuff? Absolutely not! It’s SO much more than that! As coaches we are BEACONS of light. (okay, slightly dramatic… but it’s TRUE!!!) We use our life, and the way we live it, to inspire and encourage others. What happens when you see a friend that you haven’t seen in a few months… and they have lost 20lbs, are beaming with energy and a whole new outlook on life? Well, I know what I DO… I ask them, “What the heck have you been doing girl!? You look INCREDIBLE!!! I want your secret!” — That’s the best way I can explain the basis of coaching. YOU are that person who, in this story, committed to changing their lives for the better… and thus EVERYONE around you wants to know YOUR SECRET. Mine, well, it’s BEACHBODY! P90X first changed my life after having my daughter London… then came Shakeology that literally was a health GAME CHANGER for me and has helped me to avoid being sick for coming on 3 years!!! and NOW, COACHING… which has taken me from a BANKRUPT BARTENDER with zero business experience… to a Top ranking Business owner making well over six figures a year… in just TWO YEARS mind you! WHY? Because I focused on changing ME first… Then shared my “secrets” with others who followed suit! 

 #3 – Coaches are Independent Business Owners.

When you become a coach you don’t the work for BEACHBODY… You work for YOURSELF! No one gives you deadlines, tells you how much you have to work, when you have to work, WHERE you have to work, nor do they decide your salary… YOU DO! And yea, I KNOW… SOUNDS INCREDIBLE, right? *and it IS*… IF you are willing to learn to manage your time effectively, stay consistent, be self-motivated and most of all, self-disciplined. MOST of us have never worked for ourselves… We have had all of our tasks and responsibilities laid out for us, a BOSS to hold us accountable and scare us from losing our job if we didn’t stay on point, a pre-determined salary or hourly rate GUARANTEED to us (even if it wasn’t great… we at least knew exactly what we would make.) and business hours (good ole 9-5!). The BEST comparison I can give you to describe the difference between working for someone else and working for yourself is the difference between HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE. Everyone HAS to go to High School… there is set rules, schedules, learning materials, teachers, subjects, tests, etc… But college… College is for the ELITE, the ones who want MORE out of life! The ones who are willing to take responsibility and make something of themselves. No one calls your mom when you skip class… tells you what to wear, which major to pick, nor which class times you will choose. If you drop out… Well, that’s on YOU. Owning your own business is the SAME WAY… So are you ready to Graduate to the BIG LEAGUES?


Your success as a coach is directly linked to how CONNECTED others feel to you. So many times when I talk to people who are trying to decide whether or not they are going to become a coach… They mention “not being at their goal body yet” as one of their reasons they doubt they would succeed. TRUTH IS… People don’t connect to PERFECTION… They connect to your STORY. The struggles you overcome on your JOURNEY… and the honesty and openness you are willing to share with them. THOSE are the things that inspire them to change! You want them to think, “Well, if SHE can…. So can I!”… NOT “Well, she is perfect… so, of course she succeeded!” Until I opened up and shared my story of losing myself after pregnancy… and having to file bankruptcy after acquiring $400,000 in medical debt…. Only THEN did they start to see I was human, just like THEM… with struggles, hold backs and experiences that I could have let hold me down. Question is: Are you willing to let down your guard and share? 


ALL successful coaches have ONE THING in common… They started with BIG DREAMS that fueled their fire to succeed! You have to have a CLEAR vision for YOUR LIFE and know what you are working for! Just like college… You go through the learning process (not making money) all the while KNOWING it will be WORTH IT in the end when you graduate and land the career of your dreams. Only difference here is that college could put you THOUSANDS of dollars in DEBT with no guarantee of a job… when in Beachbody you can actually MAKE MONEY while learning the ins and outs of your trade. IMAGINE if you spent FOUR FOCUSED YEARS, the way people do in college, on BEACHBODY!!! You would likely be earning more than most DOCTORS by the time you “graduated” with no debt to speak of! My point is… You have to know where you want to go… and more importantly WHY! The more defined your WHY… the HIGHER you FLY!

I hope this gave you a better idea of whether or not coaching is right for you and your goals, it is truly not meant for everyone… but when it lands in the lap of the person described above… MAGIC HAPPENS and DREAMS COME TRUE!

When and If you are ready to take the next step… I would love to lock arms with you and be your Coaching “professor” of sorts to show you why I love this business so very much and why I think you just may too! When you become a coach on my team… Your dreams become MY dreams… and THIS dreamer is most certainly a DOER!

Let’s make it count!

Lindsay Matway

If are are ready to take the leap and make the magic happen, team up with me =)


If you are thinking about signing up soon, I am just about to start my New Coach Training Camp! The cool thing about this biz is that you are your own boss, but you’re never alone. I’ll help you and teach you basically everything I’ve learned over the last 2 years.

How to Prevent Cellulite

Ahhh…I don’t even like to say the C word! It’s so gross! Cell-u-lite **shudder** They say that it occurs in 80-90 percent of females! (thank goodness I’m not alone! but I feel equally bad for all of my sistas out there). MAIN causes for this unflattering dimples are:

1. poor diet
2. lack of exercise
3. genetics
4. high estrogen levels (hormones)
5. high stress

Now how do we get RID of it?

DIET. A CLEAN diet is a MUST if you want to be dimple-free! This consists of six small meals a day, eating every two to three hours. Foods should consist of fruits, veggies, lean proteins & complex carbs! So many foods these days have preservatives and JUNK in them. Make sure you are consuming fresh foods! Fresh foods with no additives or preservatives will benefit your overall health and well-being! (If you need help, check out my grocery tab)

EXERCISE. Exercise burns fat deposits; cellulite can NOT form easily on an active person. Now you don’t have to LIVE in the gym, but you need to be active at least 20-60 minutes a day! Being ACTIVE doesn’t mean steps throughout the day… it means getting your heart rate up in your personal fat-burning zone (220 minus YOUR age) for at LEAST 20 minutes a day. Go for a bike ride, a hike, take the dog out for a run, etc. Whatever it may be, get that heart pumpin’! If you need a good workout program, go to and browse the shop tab. (Brazil Butt Lift helped me focus on my lower body and reduce cellulite)

STRENGTH TRAINING. Yes, ladies, this is for us as well! You will NOT become “manly” by lifting weights! It will allow your body to burn calories throughout the WHOLE day instead of the short timeframe DURING cardio! Cardio and strength training go hand in hand! Making time for both will only benefit your mission to become or stay cellulite-free!

OVERCOME GENETICS. Yes, genetics play a role here, but it doesn’t mean you can use that as an EXCUSE! If you eat correctly and exercise, cellulite WILL disappear 🙂 It may not be overnight, but stay consistent and you WILL see RESULTS!

AVOID STRESS. Stress is also one of the main causes of cellulite. Stress on the body causes hormones to go crazy. When you stress, the body produces excess amounts of the hormone catecholamine, which has been linked to cellulite appearance! Practice yoga, relaxation techniques or meditation of some sort to lower personal stress levels!

Cellulite creeps up quickly! The last thing we want is to be a VICTIM of It 😉 All it takes is a little cleaning up in the diet area, exercise, strength training and practicing stress-free techniques! Eliminating cellulite benefits our overall health and well being! It also gives us the confidence we need as women! Focus on your goals and get to work! =) 

Beauty and the Beast! 

I love pretty things…pretty food makes it taste better. Jay apparently does not feel the same lol

My breakfast: Protein banana pancakes with a hint of nutmeg. peanut butter/Greek yogurt topping sprinkled with cinnamon & garnished with fresh fruit (More Pancake Recipes here)

Jay’s Breakfast: Meat. Caveman style

Body Beast Bulk Arms at Santa Monica Fit Club Best Free workout ever!

Healthy Stuffed Pancake Recipe

Woah ok so I am totally on this pancake bender right now…I can’t get enough so I’ve been trying some new things out and I think you’re going to love this! 

In case you haven’t seen my recent pancake posts, I’ve tried a lot of healthy varieties lately (go here and here) but I think I honed in my on fav!

On to Pancake Heaven:

I started out with my “icing” on the side…then got an idea…

1 scoop of Banana Nut Bread protein powder (I get it
1/4 cup of egg whites
3 tbs of Almond Milk (or whatever milk you use)
1tsp of cinnamon (I tend to go a lil crazy with the cinnamon! love it!)
1tsp of nutmeg
-Mix all together in bowl or blender.

Optional mash 1/4 of a banana to mix in. 
Make like regular pancakes! 



Now to make the stacked deliciousness…You’ll want to make my “icing” Get a small container of 0% Fat Greek Yogurt and mix in either 1 Packet of Stevia or Truvia OR 3/4 Scoop of the protein powder of your choice. I like Whipped Vanilla or the Banana Nut Bread. Mix and layer in between each pancake. TO DIE FOR!!!!!

My boyfriend can eat pretty much whatever he wants and still look amazing…I however do not bounce back so quickly. He was teasing me with sweet treats…but honestly I WIN because this was healthy/heavenly…and he was totally jealous! To good to share!! haha
The only thing that would have made it better is if we had fruit to put on top!

If you want to try some other things I was thinking that layering a little peanut butter and slices of banana would taste amazing. Nutella has a lot of sugar but if you are working hard, it might be a delicious reward one morning.

OR!! Instead of stacking baby pancakes like I did….you can make ONE big one…Mix 1 Tbsp Nut Butter (almond, PB, your choice) plus 2 Tbsp greek yogurt and a packet of Stevia. Throw in a dash of dark chocolate chips…put filling in your pancake and roll it up like a burrito. Ummm yea that sounds mouth watering. 
LOL! too hilarious not to share. I’ve def felt like this before!!! 
You’re beautiful =) 

Date at the park with my babies
Morning Cardio through our beautiful neighborhood