5 Things You should Consider before Becoming a Beachbody Coach

So you are looking into this whole “COACHING” thing?

Here are 5 things you need to know before making the BEST decision for YOUR life!

#1 – Coaching is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”

If your number one priority is making bukoo bucks… You might as well save your $39.95 (sign up cost) and keep looking for the right opportunity for you… Because coaching will be a big fat waste of your time… NOT because you cannot end up making BIG MONEY… because you DEFINITELY CAN… but because in THIS business, the only people who make money are the ones who actually care to make a difference and help people change the course of their lives! Your income will ALWAYS be a direct reflection of the number of lives you help change!

You’ve probably wondered, what the heck do you actually DO as a coach, just SELL stuff? Absolutely not! It’s SO much more than that! As coaches we are BEACONS of light. (okay, slightly dramatic… but it’s TRUE!!!) We use our life, and the way we live it, to inspire and encourage others. What happens when you see a friend that you haven’t seen in a few months… and they have lost 20lbs, are beaming with energy and a whole new outlook on life? Well, I know what I DO… I ask them, “What the heck have you been doing girl!? You look INCREDIBLE!!! I want your secret!” — That’s the best way I can explain the basis of coaching. YOU are that person who, in this story, committed to changing their lives for the better… and thus EVERYONE around you wants to know YOUR SECRET. Mine, well, it’s BEACHBODY! P90X first changed my life after having my daughter London… then came Shakeology that literally was a health GAME CHANGER for me and has helped me to avoid being sick for coming on 3 years!!! and NOW, COACHING… which has taken me from a BANKRUPT BARTENDER with zero business experience… to a Top ranking Business owner making well over six figures a year… in just TWO YEARS mind you! WHY? Because I focused on changing ME first… Then shared my “secrets” with others who followed suit! 

 #3 – Coaches are Independent Business Owners.

When you become a coach you don’t the work for BEACHBODY… You work for YOURSELF! No one gives you deadlines, tells you how much you have to work, when you have to work, WHERE you have to work, nor do they decide your salary… YOU DO! And yea, I KNOW… SOUNDS INCREDIBLE, right? *and it IS*… IF you are willing to learn to manage your time effectively, stay consistent, be self-motivated and most of all, self-disciplined. MOST of us have never worked for ourselves… We have had all of our tasks and responsibilities laid out for us, a BOSS to hold us accountable and scare us from losing our job if we didn’t stay on point, a pre-determined salary or hourly rate GUARANTEED to us (even if it wasn’t great… we at least knew exactly what we would make.) and business hours (good ole 9-5!). The BEST comparison I can give you to describe the difference between working for someone else and working for yourself is the difference between HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE. Everyone HAS to go to High School… there is set rules, schedules, learning materials, teachers, subjects, tests, etc… But college… College is for the ELITE, the ones who want MORE out of life! The ones who are willing to take responsibility and make something of themselves. No one calls your mom when you skip class… tells you what to wear, which major to pick, nor which class times you will choose. If you drop out… Well, that’s on YOU. Owning your own business is the SAME WAY… So are you ready to Graduate to the BIG LEAGUES?


Your success as a coach is directly linked to how CONNECTED others feel to you. So many times when I talk to people who are trying to decide whether or not they are going to become a coach… They mention “not being at their goal body yet” as one of their reasons they doubt they would succeed. TRUTH IS… People don’t connect to PERFECTION… They connect to your STORY. The struggles you overcome on your JOURNEY… and the honesty and openness you are willing to share with them. THOSE are the things that inspire them to change! You want them to think, “Well, if SHE can…. So can I!”… NOT “Well, she is perfect… so, of course she succeeded!” Until I opened up and shared my story of losing myself after pregnancy… and having to file bankruptcy after acquiring $400,000 in medical debt…. Only THEN did they start to see I was human, just like THEM… with struggles, hold backs and experiences that I could have let hold me down. Question is: Are you willing to let down your guard and share? 


ALL successful coaches have ONE THING in common… They started with BIG DREAMS that fueled their fire to succeed! You have to have a CLEAR vision for YOUR LIFE and know what you are working for! Just like college… You go through the learning process (not making money) all the while KNOWING it will be WORTH IT in the end when you graduate and land the career of your dreams. Only difference here is that college could put you THOUSANDS of dollars in DEBT with no guarantee of a job… when in Beachbody you can actually MAKE MONEY while learning the ins and outs of your trade. IMAGINE if you spent FOUR FOCUSED YEARS, the way people do in college, on BEACHBODY!!! You would likely be earning more than most DOCTORS by the time you “graduated” with no debt to speak of! My point is… You have to know where you want to go… and more importantly WHY! The more defined your WHY… the HIGHER you FLY!

I hope this gave you a better idea of whether or not coaching is right for you and your goals, it is truly not meant for everyone… but when it lands in the lap of the person described above… MAGIC HAPPENS and DREAMS COME TRUE!

When and If you are ready to take the next step… I would love to lock arms with you and be your Coaching “professor” of sorts to show you why I love this business so very much and why I think you just may too! When you become a coach on my team… Your dreams become MY dreams… and THIS dreamer is most certainly a DOER!

Let’s make it count!

Lindsay Matway

If are are ready to take the leap and make the magic happen, team up with me =)


If you are thinking about signing up soon, I am just about to start my New Coach Training Camp! The cool thing about this biz is that you are your own boss, but you’re never alone. I’ll help you and teach you basically everything I’ve learned over the last 2 years.


What’s the difference between P90X, Body Beast and Chalean Extreme?

I’ve been getting a TON of questions about the difference between P90X, Body Beast and Chalean Extreme. Since I’ve done all 3, I thought I’d break it down for you =)
Duration of the Programs
  • P90X is 13 weeks long
  • Body Beast is 12 weeks 
  • CLX is 12 weeks long.  With CLX, you have the option to do an additional month or more of the lean for life phase, which incorporates workouts mixed up from all the phases!

Trainers – they are ALL amazing, inspirational, and motivational!
  • P90X – Tony Horton, a male trainer also created Power 90 and Power Half Hour.  He is hilarious and makes the workouts entertaining with his little one liners!  Very motivational and pushes you to your max!
  • Body Beast- Sagi Kalev has been a bodybuilder since he was 16. He credits a 4-year tour of duty in the Israeli army with teaching him the discipline, focus, determination, and respect he brings to his bodybuilding training. He pursued a fitness modeling and acting career & has won two “Mr. Israel” titles. While he teases the other guys during the workout, he’s very supportive and with you all the way. Sometimes he’s unintentionally funny which is super endearing.
  • CLX – Chalene Johnson, a female trainer, she is AMAZING! She is one of those people with  unlimited energy and spirit! She’s got a ton of other programs like Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick and Turbo Fire.
P90X Results
Concept – P90X and Chalean Extreme both use the concepts of muscle failure and muscle confusion. Body Beast uses Dynamic Set Training. 
  • Muscle confusion – you’re mixing up your workouts every few weeks to a month so that your muscles don’t get used to the same workouts.  It’s great, plus, you don’t get bored with the same old workouts over and over again!
  • Muscle failure – you are working so hard and pushing your muscles to the max during these workouts, lifting heavy at low reps.  You want your muscles to fail by the 8th-12th rep so that they then build themselves up stronger to do more the next time you work them.
  • Dynamic Set Training is a specific sequence of sets and reps which maximizes the muscle’s time under tension with the goal to exhaust the muscle and to recruit more muscle fiber. Dynamic Set Training is also designed to help enhance your body’s own testosterone production. Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for developing muscle mass. The more testosterone the body makes, the faster it grows. 
  • Both P90X & Chalean Extreme have 3 days of resistance training, and 2 days of cardio.
  • P90X though, includes a 6th day of yoga.
  • Body Beast is divided into 3 Blocks
  • Block 1: Build (3 weeks, 6 days, 1 day off) – a strong foundation is built, physically and nutritionally
  • Block 2: Bulk (6 weeks, 6 days, 1 day off) – your size begins to show, your body is growing
  • Block 3: Beast (3 weeks, 6 days, 1 day off) – cutting up, getting chiseled up, getting ready for competition
Body Beast Results
  • All have 3 phases that last 1 month each.  In all 3 phases, both P90X & CLX use the same cardio workouts, it’s just the resistance workouts that change up.
  • P90X – phase 1 and 2 use the same leg/back workout, but the other 2 days of resistance have different workouts in each phase.  In the 3rd phase, you basically alternate weeks – workouts from phase 1 in the first week, then from phase 2 in the second, and so on for 4 weeks.  P90X also has a recovery week in weeks 4, 8, and 13.  Recovery is yoga and a core workout and some kickboxing – it’s not recovery in the sense you would think though!!
  • CLX – has 3 phases, burn, push and lean.  Each month incorporates totally different resistance workouts than the other phases.
  • Body Beast is divided into 3 Blocks
  • Block 1: Build (3 weeks, 6 days, 1 day off) – a strong foundation is built, physically and nutritionally
  • Block 2: Bulk (6 weeks, 6 days, 1 day off) – your size begins to show, your body is growing
  • Block 3: Beast (3 weeks, 6 days, 1 day off) – cutting up, getting chiseled up, getting ready for competition
Resistance Workouts
  • P90X’s are 1 hour long each.  There are a lot of pushups, pullups and chinups.  You typically work one muscle group at a time.
  • CLX’s range from 30-45 minutes, push being the shortest, then burn, then lean.  In burn & lean, you’re working more than one muscle group at a time.  For example, you might do bicep curls while doing a lunge.  In Push, you’re only working one group at a time.  And CLX resistance workouts have breakdown sets.  These breakdown sets are 3 reps you do after you’ve done the move to really break down the muscle and build it back up with lean muscle.  TOUGH!  You do pushups, but no pullups, and there are not nearly as many pushups as you have in P90X.  But her’s are super effective still!
  • Body Beast workouts are 30-50 minutes long. You focus on one body part at a time.
P90X Results
  • P90X – They’re an hour long.  Cardio X is exactly that, an extreme cardio workout.  Plyo X is jump training and intervals and drills…all moves can be modified if jumping ain’t your thing!  Kenpo X is an hour long of martial arts/kickboxing type moves.  Great stress reliever!
  • CLX – Burn Intervals is a 45 minute workout.  Alternates between cardio/plyo drills and light weight/high rep strength moves.  Burn it off is a 30 minute w/o with short bursts of cardio/plyo drills.    (CLX does have an upgrade package that would give you a few more cardios like these so you can mix it up)
  • Body Beast-  A highly new-school performance-oriented cardio workout to not only help cut you up, but to increase your ability to get bigger. I was shocked at how intense this 30 min workout was! You use lighter weights all throughout the workout, but don’t be fooled…it’s a beast!
Yoga vs Recharge
  • Yoga is the P90X workout, it’s 1 1/2 hours.  It’s tough, but a great workout!  Everyone hates it at first, but give it a chance!  It’s 1 day a week.  It incorporates some ab moves too.
  • Recharge is CLX – it’s 20 minutes long and it’s yoga moves, but more of a stretch workout.  You do this on the same day as Burn it off.
Body Beast Results 
Ab Workouts
  • P90X – AB RIPPER X baby!  This is a 16 minute long crazy ab workout!  It’s tough, but it WORKS like no other ab workout I’ve ever done!
  • CLX – comes with 2 ab workouts.  1 is 10 minutes long, the other is 15.  The longer one is a little harder!  (Upgrade package comes with 1-2 more ab workouts – 1 is using the stability ball!)
  • Beast Abs-  11 minutes long! Ab work is here for more than looks. A strong core helps you lift heavier weight safely and helps you improve your posture. You end the workout by spelling B-E-A-S-T with your legs lol 
  • For all programs, you’ll need a range of weights.  I personally have the bowflex select tech weights and LOVE them!  You can also use resistance bands in P90X or Chalene.
  • P90X – you’ll need a chinup bar, or a resistance band that you can use to modify chinups.  You also may want pushup stands so that your wrists don’t both you during pushups, you don’t need them though.
  • Body Beast- you will want to invest in a bench or stability ball, chin up bar. Check out this post for the equipment
  • I recommend getting the Chin Up Assist and Workout Gloves
I can’t say any is better than the other!  They all work and I have the results to prove it! I’m only 4 weeks into Body Beast but already seeing improvements.
  CLX may be a little less intimidating for someone just starting out because the workouts aren’t quite as long.  And for a lot of people just starting, the hour or more can be too much.  All programs have modifiers, so that is not an issue. 
P90X has different schedules you can follow – the lean schedule is a bit more cardio focused and may be better for people just starting out, while classic schedule incorporates all resistance workouts.  You’ll see results with either P90X schedule though.  
Look at your goals…

Body Beast is aimed at muscle gain- pure bodybuilding. You do Dynamic set training to get big.
P90x is designed for overall fitness- allows you to improve your strength, endurance, power, mobility, cardiovascular, health, and achieve muscle growth. The goal is function fitness: to be able to move better and become more athletic. 

For guys I think P90X reminds of me of Brad Pitt in Fit Club and Body Beast would be like Thor lol
For girls…Im almost one month in. The scale hasn’t budged but Im def a lot stronger. Im in the bulk phase now and I saw a couple girls say their quads are getting bigger. You do a build phase, build phase, then the last 30 days you get lean and cut. 
Chalean Extreme Results
I LOVVEEE Chalean Extreme- that use advanced circuit training-combining upper body/lower body/ and core moves to help you build lean muscle. it also has 3 phases burn/push/lean. Love love love this workout- she pushes you to lift heavier. the focus isn’t on getting big- it’s all about getting lean tight toned sexy muscle

Whatever your goal, take the leap of faith and GO FOR IT! It’ll change your body…and change your life =) 

And the newest addition to the Beachbody Family:

Beachbody Success Stories!

Day 24 of Body Beast!!! The days are just flying day by! Usually when I get to this point I need to revert back to my “why” and check out some success stories to stay committed.

Ever start a workout program and find that 2-3 weeks in you haven’t lost any weight? you’re working your butt off…literally…and the scale doesn’t reflect that?

I TOTALLY relate! Right now, the scale hasn’t BUDGED….but I KNOW Im gaining muscle because I’m lifting significantly heavier than I was. But still…it’s annoying!
I’m about 8 lbs heavier than I was in March…for a number of reasons. I felt like I kicked butt getting ready for the Bahamas trip…then I kinda let things slide. In the craziness of traveling, adjusting to a new place, adjusting to a lot of life changes, enjoying summer…I over indulged quite a bit.
The important thing is I am on track and keeping the faith (this is where I break out into song & dance)

Last night I watched Extreme Weight Loss- wow! that show makes me cryyyyy! I’m just incredibly amazed at the people who battled with emotional issues, ate themselves (almost) to death and were able to PERSEVERE and overcome. The girl I watched last night lost over 200 lbs!!! Her beginning weight…356! That would make THREE of me! 

If she can do it, I can get back to my goal weight!!! It reminded me of Richard- in Vegas we were honored enough to be able to watch two people with life changing stories win $100k EACH! 


I’ve had a very inspiring week and I am ready to CRUSH IT!

Sunday Grocery Shopping and Prep Day!
I need one of these!!!! Now which color?
Updated my Bucket List
I have my health, love what I do, have great friends and an awesome team, and get to spend everyday with the man I love 
Reunited with my Juicer!
Eating Healthy while traveling is hard! but not impossible! Staying awake on the plane however…IMPOSSIBLE!

Why Do People Sign Up as a Beachbody Coach?

WooooEeeeee! It was a BOMBSHELL WEEK! Lots of new lovely members to the Bombshell Dynasty! I just want to give a BIG warm welcome to this ladies. They all have huge hearts and big plans for the future. What is that Oprah quote about surrounding yourself with people who lift you higher?

I have truly been blessed this week because I have lots of friends lighting a fire under my booty and pushing me to go after my dreams ❤ 

Ever meet someone who just oozes Bombshell qualities? Beth Helbley is bombshell inside & out!

She’s been working 50 hrs a week to pay for school! She understands hard work and the importance of self discovery & goal setting! Her passion is helping people become a better version of themselves! Soooo excited to have her as part of our family!!!

Erica Stein is a total GO GETTER! She never ceases to amaze me. She is working on her future NOW. There is something special about people who realize the power of their dreams and their ability to help stretch others to their full potential. 
After spending two hours on the phone with her, I know she is going to work hard to drive others to succeed. Annnnd how cool is this…her family owns a turkey farm in PA. All organic, all natural =)  

I am so ECSTATIC to welcome Kasey Wooten She is one of the MOST amazing woman I know!! She continually supports, encourages and uplifts everyone on the team!
She gets fired up about making people feel good about themselves, has a huge heart & takes the time to value the the little things in life. She is a passionate RN student, loving wife, and dedicated mommy of cute lil Payton! Sooooo happy to have you on the team!!

Ashleigh Severson….What can I even say about this girl…ok I can’t do it justice…just go to her blog and read her last post….WOW! http://ashleighseverson.blogspot.com/

And lastly….we have a guy! Kevin I want to send a BIG congratulations out to you and Miss Stephanie!!! I can’t wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl!!! I wish you two all of the happiness in the world. True soul mates! 
Soooo why do people become coaches? Everyone joins the business for a different reason…and we are all in different phases of our life. 
My initial reason for signing up was to get the discount and be accountable to the workouts. Then changed…and my passion became paying it forward to help others achieve the same success. The possibilities are endless. As I have progressed in my own goals, I realized that I could really make my passion…my FUTURE. I’ve been blessed to make this my full time job (dream come true!!) so THANK YOU everyone for supporting and believing in me!
But it’s not all about me! 
Here is what my team said when I asked them WHY they signed up!!!
Beth: “I have several reasons why I wanted to become a coach. I always want to strive to be a better person and become a better version of myself and I know that with beach body that is possible. I love that as a coach you can make a positive impact on peoples lives. I can’t think of a better feeling that because you cared and pushed somebody you helped them become a better version of themselves as well. I’m looking forward to actually completing a full bb program and be an example for people in my life. I also want to be financially free and financially Independent. I always want to love what I do, and I love that coaching is an opportunity I get to have.”

Lisa: There are a couple of reasons WHY I joined on as a beachbody coach. First is the aspect of money. I work full time, go to college and still struggle to pay my bills. I don’t want to live like that. I want to be able to live comfortably. I want to save money to buy my first home within the next two years. I want to be free of debt & to be able to pay off my student loan debt (or at least stop accumulating it). If I could pay cash for the rest of my college education it would be GREAT!!  Secondly, looking at people like you two (Linds & Kati)… You’re making a difference in people’s lives!  That is so inspiring to me. 
I want to be someone that people can look up to, someone that can help people better their lives. I look at my parents & some of my close friends & I know I want them to start leading healthier lives. If I can in anyway inspire them to do that I would be a very happy girl. Now to specifics. Financially I would like to be making an extra $500 a month within the year. (not sure if this is high or low as far as possibilities, but even that much money would make a huge difference to me). I want to be diamond by the end of 2013 🙂 I want to have my Mom signed on as a permanent customer & have her leading a healthier lifestyle. Tack my Dad onto that list too!  I want my credit cards paid off by this time next year. ok:) I will end my list here. Sorry it was so long winded!!”

Tara: “Congratulations on your dream come true of living in California – A crazy dream of mine would be to move to a beach somewhere in the Carolinas! But another dream would be to be able to be home with my daughter – I am currently a full time student so I do get to be home with her, I will be finished with my bachelors next December. But I would love to have a career doing something that I love, that doesn’t feel like work and get to be home with her. I want to have my cake and eat it too!  My vision – no one has ever asked me that before – well right now we plan on getting out of the military in 2 years – and for a brief moment we will have to move back in with my parents *yikes!!* until all of our things get shipped back to the U.S. and we find jobs – ideally my vision would be to go back and buy our own house and I would love to be able to work out of my house and be able to support our family until he finds a job – I have big dreams and high expectations for my family – and I have always worked hard to achieve my goals – I’m really excited to become a part of beachbody….I don’t have unrealistic expectations but I know the possibilities are endless 

Can Women Do Body Beast?

Ahhhh Beachbody is coming out with so many new products, it’s hard to keep up. I know what you might be thinking…why in the world am I posting about Body Beast? Especially when even the marketing looks scary! haha
Well first, let me tell you what Body Beast is all about…
So What is Body Beast?

Body Beast is an extreme muscle & bulk buidling dynamic set training workout.  This 90 day program is designed to pack on 10 pounds of  muscle mass.  It’s developed & hosted by the champion bodybuilder Sagi Kalev.
How does Body Beast work?
Dynamic Set Training is a breakthrough in sports science. By using Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progression Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and more, with added resistance, it is designed to exhaust the muscles, activate more muscle fibers, and naturally boost testosterone levels beyond what’s been possible before in a home training system. (If you’re going “huh?” right now, don’t worry. The program is very simple to do- he walks your through everything.)

You also get hooked up with…

  • an in-depth bodybuilding nutrition plan that provides lots of quick, simple-to-prepare, delicious meals that will help pack on the muscle—fast.
  • A supplement system developed specifically for Body Beast puts you on the fast track to achieving the physique that millions of men dream of but fail to achieve due to lack of proper supplementation.
Did you read that and think….ok is she serious? Is she really going to trade in Leandro and Brazil Butt Lift for 90 days?!?

From this…..

To this…..

Why I am doing Body Beast…
Women do NOT have the same results from weight lifting as men! We get tighter, leaner, and more toned!! Here is a perfect example…Now she did NOT do Body Beast but I just want to illustrate my point…
Melissa Le Man

HER caption on this picture:

2010: Poor education on Nutrition & No weight training only classes & cardio (running)

2012: 2yrs weight training & nutrition for growth & conditioning GREATER HEALTH style!Dont usually throw back BUT thought this comparison tells a thousand words! Protein doesn’t bulk you, weight training doesn’t make you look like a male, if you don’t start today; tomorrow you will wish you had!

Believe & Achieve! Be greater than your fears – let your fears nourish and motivate you!Pls LIKE if you want to see my timeline of photos across my journey.Believe & Achieve! Be greater than your fears – let your fears nourish and motivate you!

Ok, so she may be a little too ab-tastic for some people, but I think she looks phenomenal. It’s not my goal to be quite that ripped…but I would lovee to have more muscle tone and definition. Her shoulders and legs are crazy amazing!
I can’t wait to get started and see what kind of results I get! For all of you COUPLES out there, I’m going to be doing Body Beast with my amazing, supportive, and loving boyfriend Jay. Welcome to the new date night. Babe, you ready to workout? =) 
Support one another in your goals! And it never hurts to stay hot for each other right?!

Jay trying to be a Bombshell 😉
No more sweet treats for us!
Ready to crush it!

His goal is to put on mass and build muscle. My goal is to tone and tighten =) 

Current Pic- stay tuned for results in 90 days!

Sooo anywhoo…

Beachbody always hooks you up- they give you every tool to succeed from the training program, to the nutritional guide & supplements.  It’s all laid out for you!  
The guide that tells you exactly which workout to do, what to eat and which  supplements to take. No guessing games about whether or not you are doing the right thing at the gym. Follow the program and you will get the results!!!  

Since I am stepping up…I challenge you to be the next Body BEAST graduate! 
As always, I encourage YOU to check out the information and research it yourself. 
If you have any questions, please email me- heifnerk@gmail.com  As your coach, it is my job to provide you with the support and guidance to choosing the right program for you!  If I am not your coach, well then head over to my site and sign up for a free account RIGHT NOW!

“Sagi has helped me build my confidence, my physical appearance, my workout ethic. Sagi turned me into a winner!” – Kevin P.

Who is Body Beast For?

  • Men who want a strong body with real bulk.
  • Men interested in using progressive, natural supplements for accelerated and explosive results.
  • Graduates of other extreme fitness programs who have successfully shed the fat but want to gain more muscle.
  • Men who work out regularly but aren’t seeing the results they’d hoped for.

How is Body Beast different from other bodybuilding programs?
Body Beast is one of the first all-in-one bodybuilding, nutrition, and supplement systems on the market. Created by Sagi Kalev, renowned trainer of world-class bodybuilders, this program provides extreme muscle-building and growth-inducing workouts, along with a bodybuilding-specific eating plan. From the very beginning, Sagi made the choice to train without steroids, and this program helps you get results without juicing too. Used as a complete system, it guarantees massive muscle gains and fat loss for a powerful, ripped physique in just 90 days—and does it in a totally natural way, or your money back.

What do you need to succeed with Body Beast?
To get the best results, Beasts should use the gear and supplements listed below on a consistent basis:


Monstrous, carved muscles start here. This Base Shake was formulated to help maximize new muscle growth and reduce muscle breakdown—at the same time. A flavor-neutral base lets you whip up your shake just the way you want it.

– Exclusive blend of 18 grams of high-quality, fast- and slow-digesting proteins per serving.
– Includes whey protein isolate—the highest-quality and most expensive whey protein.
– Contains digestive enzymes to enhance protein utilization and reduce gas and bloating.
– No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
Why it works: Helps to build muscle and minimize muscle breakdown simultaneously, to get you undeniably massive—quickly and naturally.

Beachbody® Fuel Shot

Kick-start your recovery after even the most punishing workout with Fuel Shot. You can blow past fatigue with an injection of performance-enhancing calories for raging strength and a monster pump.
– Drive nutrients into muscle fiber for greater strength
– Replenishes depleted glycogen to reduce muscle fatigue
Why it works: Enters the bloodstream quickly for near-instant anabolic support, to help nourish muscle cells and enhance power and recovery. Use daily for greatest acceleration in muscle endurance, size, and strength.

Beachbody® M.A.X. Creatine

Get a healthy dose of power and growth. M.A.X. Creatine gives you high-grade pure creatine monohydrate without fillers, preservatives, wheat, corn, sucrose, or any untested ingredients. So all you get is a blast of extra strength and muscle growth. It’ll help you crank out a few extra reps, plus speed up your recovery.  Use it to:
– Fuel muscle growth for increased muscle mass
– Help increase strength
– Speed up muscle recovery
Why it works: Helps your body supply a little more phosphocreatine to ease your access to ATP. This allows your muscles to crank out a few extra reps, bringing you that much closer to your goals. Use daily for mind-blowing results, and increased strength, energy, and stamina.

Beachbody® Super Suma

Unleash your body’s own hormone production for explosive gains in size and strength with Super Suma. Made from the Suma Root (or “Brazilian ginseng”), it helps:
– Safely build plenty of lean, hard mass
– Enhance the body’s own testosterone production
– Support protein synthesis for faster muscle repair
– A powerful adaptogen that strengthens the body
Why it works: Delivers maximum potency and contains Beachbody’s exclusive plant-based enzyme

Yes! Don’t worry- you won’t turn into a man or grow hair in weird places! They are perfectly safe to take. I will post my thoughts and feedback on them in the following week!

What options do I have for Body Beast?

1.  The Base Kit comes with 12 raw, take-it-to-the-edge workouts. You’ll also get a Program Guide, including an extensive Nutritional Plan with recipes and supplement instructions, a workout calendar, and a network-exclusive workout DVD “Lucky 7.”

2.  The Deluxe Kit “Huge” includes everything in the Base Kit. Plus, you get a 30-day supply of both Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake and Beachbody Fuel Shot, the bonus DVD “Tempo,” and the network-exclusive workout DVD “Lucky 7.”

3.  The Deluxe Kit “Beast” includes everything in the Base Kit. Plus, you get a 30-day supply of Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake, Beachbody Fuel Shot, Beachbody M.A.X. Muscle Acceleration Xtreme Creatine, and Beachbody Super Suma, the bonus DVD “Tempo,” and the network-exclusive workout DVD “Lucky 7.” 

Is there a Team Beachbody exclusive if customers order through me?
Yes, a bonus workout DVD called “Lucky 7”—a full-body workout and “Beast: Abs.”

Is there a Body Beast Challenge Pack? What are the details?
Yes! It contains a Body Beast Base Kit, Hardcore Base Shake Home Delivery, Fuel Shot Home Delivery, M.A.X Creatine Home Delivery, Super Suma Home Delivery and a 30-day Team Beachbody Club Trial.*
It costs $220.

To order Body Beast go to my site NOW!!!  UNLEASH YOUR INNER BEAST!!!

Remember, Nutrition is a HUGE factor in the equation. To see what we are eating, check out our meal plan! It’s about 1900 calories =)
Keep it clean people! 
From Leandro to Sagi, there is a workout for EVERY body type/shape and every goal! Success is a matter of finding your soul mate workout- finding the type of workout you actually enjoy =) 

Cyber Monday Deal!

Heeeeey-Yooooo!!! It’s CYBER MONDAY!!! My 2nd favorite shopping HOLIDAY of the year! 😉 In honor of ALL the TURKEY, STUFFING & PUMPKIN PIE we all ate this past week I have decided to hook you all UP with s serious “Get BACK in-shape” kinda DEAL! I am offering a $50, yes FIFTY DOLLAR Beachbody gift certificate to anyone who orders a Beachbody CHALLENGE PACK through me NOW thru MIDNIGHT pacific time!!! Post below if you want the deets! The next BIG transformation could be YOU! (by the way, you are welcome to give the g/c as a gift to someone else OR save it for your next purchase! It does NOT expire! 🙂

Get a $50 Gift Card if you purchase a Challenge Pack!

What do you need to do?

Go HERE and Sign up to take the Beachbody Challenge!
Purchase a Challenge Pack of your choice!

Free Workout Fitness Club- 724 Fit Club!!!

The 724 Fit Club is taking Mars by storm!

  Melanie began the 724 Fit Club because she wanted to get people together to share advice and ideas on fitness and nutrition.  She also had gained so much knowledge from her experience with Insanity and P90X that she HAD to share it with others.  Seriously, if there is a fitness program out there that can change your life wouldn’t you want someone to share it with you?  The main reason for the 724 Fit Club is to bring people together who all want to lose weight, get in shape, and/or lead a healthy lifestyle.  This group’s focus is to motivate people to exercise and make healthy choices and to keep you accountable to your health and fitness goals each week. 

Why should you come to fit club?  Even if you already workout at the gym or go to an exercise class this is another great way to keep you moving during the week.  I bet your exercise class doesn’t give you nutritional advice along with a high energy workout program with motivated people in the room with you.  Everyone has a smile on their faces and is happy to be there.  We share nutritional advice with each other before the workouts and post workout we talk about what we’ve been doing to stay on track with our fitness goals.  You also get to try some amazing products that Beachbody creates such as Shakeology and Results and Recovery Drink. 
Who should come to fit club?  ANYONE!  I mean ANYONE!  You can be a beginner who has never worked out before or a marathon runner who is fit as a fiddle!  Each week we will provide you with a different workout to get your heart rate up and burn some calories.  Each week modifications are shown for those that have restrictions on certain moves and exercises. 

Last week Nikki shared her transformation with P90X with us and the struggles she had getting to the point where she is today.  It is so nice to hear that other people struggle with their weight loss and eating healthy. It really makes you feel like pushing forward because you know that real people have achieved real results.  We were able to hold 2 workouts that evening.  Upstairs was KenpoX from P90X and downstairs was TurboFire!  Everyone had a great time and we were a sweaty mess afterwards!  I also launched the Fit Club Challenge which will kick off next week!  This challenge will be with all the members of fit club and is completely optionalTuesday we will open the doors at 6:30pm to begin weigh ins and pictures.  Each individual is required to complete their fitness goals and “why” and bring to class.  The challenge will run until December 20th at that time we will take after pictures and measurements and award the biggest transformation a prize!  Each month we will take updated pictures and measurements.  We want to keep people motivated to work out the other 6 days that they are not at fit club!  I’m so excited to see how this works out!

Next week we will be working out to the Brazil Butt Lift series.  This workout is made to get your hips, thighs and butt in shape!  So come ready to work your “boom boom”! 

The sense of community is amazing and I love standing back and watching people talk about health and fitness with eachother.  We are all learning so much and I can’t wait to see what this journey has in store for everyone involved.  

So I highly recommend that you bring a friend and check out the 724 Fit Club every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm.  For more details check us out athttp://www.724fitclub.com/ or find us on facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/groups/106592159447820/#!/pages/724-Fit-Club/164273120321092