Brazil Butt Lift Results

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Brazil Butt Lift Results!

HOLY MOLYYYY! I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Miss Sarah Mullins! Check out her Brazil Butt Lift Results!!! Ya’ll KNOW how much I LOVVEEE BBL!!
Get this….she has THREE kids!!!!!!

Heeeellllooooo Abs!

Sarah’s 16 week Results!

Which Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule should you follow?

How to Get a Nice Butt

 Ever wonder how girls get those cute little tight butts? They just make every outfit look cuter and you just feel good about yourself. My butt and thighs were definitely my least favorite part of my body- It’s funny looking back because in high school I actually did the whole hoodie around the waist move to hide my hugggeee booty…but now I’m proud to show it off. 
The cool thing about working out…there is a workout for every personality and booty part. You can tone, tighten, and strengthen just about everything and find a way to do it that you actually enjoy! Shocking I know 😉

 For starters, you need to eat right! To get the absolute best results- you need to fuel your body. Ever hear “you can’t out train a bad diet” or “abs are made in the kitchen”? Guess what? It’s true! 

Just do it! I’m watching you!

Eat your breakfast people! This is usually where people who aren’t serious about results will start to give excuses. Remember, every excuse is a choice to fail! It might take a little bit of planning and prep- not only is it worth it…but you’ll find that it actually saves you time and stress. You can focus on more important things. 
If you are crazy busy, you need to get a meal replacement shake that you can grab on the go. My pick? Shakeology– quick, easy and by far the healthiest meal of the day. Don’t take my word for it…check out the facts and nutrition label. 

My life saver! Get it here

If you need some help with meal planning, here is an example week from my good friend Melanie. She always has awesome stuff on her blog —->> 

Now, down to business! 

The workout: Stairs

I personally like to workout in the comfort of my own home- but Santa Monica is so beautiful that I’m obligated to get outside and enjoy it =) It’s summer so it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with a FREE workout routine!

Why Run Stairs?
Besides the fact that it’s totally free- running the stairs is amazing for your body because you are working your largest muscle groups, you are working on your breathing, it’s a great cardio workout and a great way to clear your mind.

So what do I have to do?
First things first- find some stairs! It could be at a school, office, gym, etc…We picked the Santa Monica Stairs. These things are a beast! The first time I attempted them, I made it up and down twice. Thought I was going to dieeee. It was crazy intense- but just like everything else…it gets easier with time and practice.
Next, grab a friend or some tunes. I need something or someone to keep my mind preoccupied lol It makes it go a lot faster! When you’re having fun and grooving- you won’t want to stop!

Stretch It Out

I like to jog over to the stairs to warm up my muscles- then you want to take 3-5 minutes to stretch it out. Make sure you get your calves, guadricep, and hamstrings. If all of this is crazy foreign mumbo gumbo, check out this article on stretching from ABC of Fitness. They even include lil pics to show you.

Down to Business
Hop to it! Get started but make sure you go slow at first. Pace yourself- you want to start by getting your heart rate up and the blood flowing. Take nice deep breathes. Once you start to warm up, you can increase your speed. Make sure your shoes are tied! (I’m paranoid about that!)  I always have to stop to think about my breathing- you want to fill your LUNGS not your tummy. Take deep breathes but contract your abs and focus on filling your lungs. 
Use your whole body- engage all of your muscles, not just the legs. Use your arms to help with the movement- keep those elbows in and shoulders down!
Don’t go buckwild your first time- you will be sore tomorrow…and probably the next day lol When you are working at such a high intensity- drink tons of water and it really helps to have a recovery drink to repair your muscles. My go to- P90X Results and Recovery. Tastes like a creamsicle =)

 Tone and Tighten
Once you’ve worked your tail off, you can start your cool down. You’re doing to do this for about 5 minutes.This is where you really want to focus on controlled movements. Think about the muscles you are working and then engage them. 
Take two steps at a time to stretch your booty. This takes more effort to raise your feet to the next level. Increase the intensity raising your back leg with a little kick before you bring it up to the next step. 
Tighten and squeeze the booty!
Cool Down & Stretching
Bring your heart rate down. You can down this by simply walking around for a few minutes. Once you feel like your heart rate has come down enough- you can repeat the sequence of stretching you did to start. Keep breathing! Inhale. Exhale. 

You are amazing! Now celebrate with your friends!!! 
Take in the amazing scenery wherever you are- express gratitude for your incredible body and abilities. You are now even stronger than you were!

As you get better- you can run more rounds, run faster (try timing yourself), race your friends, increase the frequency that you go running. But remember to start small!
Even celebs run stairs! Check out Nicole Murphy! She’s 45!

If exercising outside is not an option or you like to have more structure and be told exactly what to do- you need to check out my absolute favorite workout program of all time…Brazil Butt Lift

In other news- I love to shop so I just have to share some of my finds! Of course I love Ikea for everything involving storage and organization! I got these awesome little bins for under the sink. 

Out of sight, out of mind 
The mess is contained!

 Then onto my next project- I kept seeing these cute “beach that way” signs on people’s houses so of course I had to have one. I checked out Etsy, but everything was kinda pricey for just a little sign.
I found this little guy at Micheal’s for $1.49! I slapped on some paint and $4 later had my own cute little beach sign!

The painting and crafty fun didn’t stop there…I found little initials and this awesome star. I’m on a blue/green kick right now so I had to paint them. It serves as a cute little decorating AND a reminder for my goal….10 Star Beachbody Diamond Coach. I want to help bring 6 people home this year from their jobs and help them do Beachbody full time like I do=)

 I’m pretty sure TJ Maxx will be the death of me. I went in there just to look and of course walked out $100 later. I did score these cute throw pillows and the best/softest throw blanket ever. Blankets are a MUST around the house- I am ALWAYS cold!!

And lastely, I have to mention my newest addition to the Bombshell family! I am so excited for her to get started!!! She’s doing the Ultimate Reset. I have no doubt that not only will she reach her goals but she’ll inspire others to take action. Proud to have her on my team!

Butt Workout

I love love love BBL so much that I feel like it’s my DUTY to share it with ALL women! I’m not kidding- if you have saddle bags, big thighs, muffin top, a saggy butt, NO butt….you need to check this out
If you’re sitting there still feeling a little lost, that’s what I’m here for =) Sign up for a free membership on my team and I’ll help you figure out what works best for YOU =) 

My Before pics  (ugh) they were soooooo bad.
Sitting all day = Cellulite!!! 
Here are two  of my Before pics- I could literally just diiieeee lol

Insanity & Brazil Butt Lift BBL Hybrid

Insanity Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid

Week 1
Monday – Fit Test & Bum Bum
Tuesday – Pure Cardio & Abs *
Wednesday – High & Tight & Leandro’s Secret
Thursday – Cardio Power & Resistance & Abs *
Friday – Cardio Recovery and/or Sculpt
Saturday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit & Abs *
Sunday – Rest

Week 2
Monday – Pure Cardio
Tuesday – Bum Bum & Abs *
Wednesday – Cardio Power & Resistance
Thursday – High & Tight & Leandro’s Secret
Friday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit & Abs *
Saturday – Cardio Recovery and/or Sculpt
Sunday – Rest

Week 3
Monday – Fit Test & Bum Bum
Tuesday – Pure Cardio & Abs *
Wednesday – High & Tight & Leandro’s Secret
Thursday – Cardio Power & Resistance & Abs 8
Friday – Cardio Recovery and/or Sculpt
Saturday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit & Abs *
Sunday – Rest

Week 4
Monday – Pure Cardio & Abs *
Tuesday – Bum Bum **
Wednesday – Cardio Power & Resistance & Abs
Thursday – High & Tight & Leandro’s Secret **
Friday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Abs *
Saturday – Cardio Recovery and/or Sculpt
Sunday – Rest

Week 5 (Recovery)
Monday – Core Cardio & Balance
Tuesday – Core Cardio & Balance
Wednesday – Core Cardio & Balance
Thursday – Core Cardio & Balance
Friday – Core Cardio & Balance
Saturday – Core Cardio & Balance
Sunday – Rest

Week 6
Monday – Fit Test & Bum Bum
Tuesday – Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs *
Wednesday – High & Tight & Leandro’s Secret
Thursday – Max Interval Circuit & Abs *
Friday – Max Recovery and/or Sculpt
Saturday – Max Interval Plyo & Abs *
Sunday – Rest

Week 7
Monday – Max Cardio Conditioning
Tuesday – Bum Bum & Abs *
Wednesday – Max Interval Circuit
Thursday – High & Tight & Leandro’s Secret
Friday – Max Interval Plyo & Abs *
Saturday – Max Recovery and/or Sculpt
Sunday – Rest

Week 8
Monday – Fit Test & Bum Bum
Tuesday – Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs *
Wednesday – High & Tight & Leandro’s Secret
Thursday – Max Interval Circuit & Abs 8
Friday – Max Recovery and/or Sculpt
Saturday – Max Interval Plyo Circuit & Abs *
Sunday – Rest

Week 9
Monday – Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs *
Tuesday – Bum Bum **
Wednesday – Max Interval Circuit & Abs
Thursday – High & Tight & Leandro’s Secret **
Friday – Max Interval Plyo and Abs *
Saturday – Max Recovery and/or Sculpt
Sunday – Rest

Week 10 (Recovery)
Monday – Core Cardio & Balance
Tuesday – Core Cardio & Balance
Wednesday – Core Cardio & Balance
Thursday – Core Cardio & Balance
Friday – Core Cardio & Balance
Saturday – Core Cardio & Balance
Sunday – Rest

*Cardio Abs, Tummy Tuck, or Abs Rapido
** May Replace with Rio Extreme

How To Get A Butt Like A Victoria’s Secret Model- Workout and Routine

Did you guys watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show? oh M geee I loved the outfits- uhhhmaazing Nothing less is to be expected!
And their bodies…well it goes without saying…but you KNOW they work hard! Some of the models were definately TOO skinny this year (I thought). Sexy= toned curves. Which is why I LOVE Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio!! She’s a huge fan of Leandro Carvalho because he whips her booty into shape!
Hey, if one of the world’s sexiest women loves Leandro and his butt workout…that’s enough for me!! SOLD! haha

Alessandra Ambrosio
“Leandro is just the best trainer for my butt—and for my abs, and for everything else—but especially my butt! He came up with this whole workout just for my butt. He is the best.”
—Alessandra Ambrosio 


Melanie’s A-Ha Moment

Have to share a little post from my good friend Melanie’s blog! She has been an amazing force and such an inspiration for me- thought you guys would appreciate her point of view!
Last night was a big night for me personally and in my business.  I was asked to be on our Bombshell Dynasty coach call to talk about my success as a Beachbody coach.  When I was first asked to do the call I really had to sit down and think about what I was doing because honestly I didn’t know how I had made it work.  But after talking to quite a few of my close friends and fellow coaches I came up with a game plan.  This call made me evaluate the person that I am and the growth that has occurred over the last 6 months.  I started out as a mom who had 30 pounds to lose after giving birth to her second baby.  I found myself sitting in my living room, desperate and depressed with the body I was living in.  Thank goodness my coach reached out to me and invited me to do this challenge because it has changed my life FOREVER!
I absolutely love coaching other people and the big reason that I do it is because I love helping other people.  It is just an innate quality that is built into who I am.  I have this genuine interest is seeing other people succeed.   This is really the key reason why I put so much time into the challenges that I run.  If you are going to invest your money into the fitness program and Shakeology then I want you to get your monies worth.  I spend the time each day to read your posts and answer your emails along with providing nutritional tips and motivation to keep pushing yourself harder.  The best part of it all is that I am doing it right along side of you!  If you are up early because you are a busy mom or working individual then I am right there with you at 5:45am 6 days a week.  I am leading by example and I practice what I preach.  I have done Insanity, P90X and now TurboFire so I can speak from experience when I say that it works!  I follow the eat clean lifestyle even after I achieved my weight loss goals.  I love the way I feel and I am maintaining my physique while I am at it.  If you give it all you’ve got for the entire fitness program then you WILL see results!  These challenges will change your life!  And for some they already have!  I have a handful of friends or people that I didn’t know very well before that have committed to my challenges and have transformed their lives inside and out!  That to me is worth more than a paycheck each week, I love the feeling that I helped someone make a change in their life that will make them live longer and feel better.
My goal with each challenge group is to add value to your life!  Not only to coach you through a fitness program and provide you strength when you are feeling weak.  But to give you the tools to stick with your exercise program, change your eating habits and create a new, healthier, fit YOU! 
So ask yourself, “Do you want that for yourself?”  Are you sitting here thinking that you need a Melanie Mitro overhaul to your life?  If you can answer yes, then take that leap of faith and go to and create a free account and I will start coaching you towards your health and fitness goals! 
You can check out my transformation story by clicking on this link and watching my video!
I will be kicking off my next beachbody challenge on the 25th of November.  It is a 30 day Brazil Butt Lift Challenge to get your booty in shape for the holidays.  This might be a great way for you to get started exercising because the workouts aren’t super long but they are intense and you will feel the booty burn!  I have done BBL workouts at fit club and they are amazing!  I will also be running some new challenge groups in the near future such as Turbofire, Insanity and P90X2!  So join my team and together we can reach your goals!  Oh and if you are a current customer of mine and you refer a friend who signs up for the challenge pack I will give you a $25 gift certificate towards your next Beachbody purchase which can include Shakeology!
My motto:  happiness is knowing who you are, what you want and how you want it.  Happiness is knowing you are doing the right things for yourself and the right people!

Beachbody Challenge!

Are you ready to take the challenge??

To kick off the Beachbody Challenge Groups I am starting a Brazil Butt Lift Challenge group because of such high demand!!!

My BBL Results!

Seriously, do not wait to message me to find out the details, every woman I know wants to lift or shape that butt, so get off yours and make it happen!

Are you looking to firm up the rear end? Who says you can’t be proud of your assets!? Whether you want to lift, shape, tone or firm that behind, I have got the solution for you! I’m running a 30 day BBL challenge, with 5 people in one group. I’m going to CLOSELY work with each of you to get MAX results and push you to your HIGHEST potential!! And sexiest booty! =)

With the BBL challenge, you get a month supply of Shakeology, a free trial of the club membership (grocery lists, customized meal plan with nutritional info according to YOUR height, weight, physical activity, and tastebuds ;-)) and brazil butt lift which has 6 DVDs-cardio, abs, upper body and lower body to target the bum bum!

With these 3 important Beachbody items you will see results; nutrition is 80% of health & weight loss so we are setting YOU up for SUCCESS! We will start this challenge mid Nov-mid december!

If you know ANYONE interested-please feel free to share this with them!
Here’s a quick video on BBL:

I love my results, so I know that you can too =) Read more about the workout here:

YOU MUST REPLY by November 4th to be a part of challenge group !!!! ****

Starting another challenge group of 5 starting in the beg. of December also–hurry cuz slots are filling QUICK!!!! Must reply by Nov 14th to be a part of the 2nd group

Kati’s Challenge!

Ahhh I am SOOOOOOO excited about this I can’t even STAND it!! So my team has done challenges in the past…but this is a whole new ball game! I’ll select 5 people who are SERIOUS about changing their health and we will work together…mono e mono! I’m going to share what worked for ME! If you are thinking about participating….message me and I’ll shoot you over the dets!

A Beachbody Challenge Group is a group of people who have committed to getting healthy by participating in a Beachbody workout program. Through fitness, nutrition, and peer support and accountability, a Beachbody Challenge Group plays a key role in helping achieve your goals. Groups typically include 5 challengers to keep participation and accountability at a maximum.

YOU will benefit from being part of a small, exclusive group of people, all working together to help each other achieve their health and fitness goals. You’ll receive motivation and friendship in their group, creating long- lasting relationships, trust, and comfort in sharing both struggles and successes. What’s more, you’ll also be joining The Beachbody Challenge contest—where you’ll be eligible to win cash and prizes along their journey. For more information stop here,

I am always available via text, email or phone to answer questions about diet, nutrition and exercise!

They are the complete package offering total support for achieving health and fitness goals.  Each customer pack includes:

  • A choice of one Beachbody fitness program
  • Shakeology Home Direct in either Greenberry, Chocolate or combination of both
  • A 30 day trial of Team Beachbody Club membership
  • Free Shipping
  • If you chose the coach option you also get a game plan tools kit and business starter program free ($40 value).  Plus all future purchases you save 25%

Visit, to have me assigned as your coach so we can start creating a customized fitness program to meet your needs!  I’d love to help you reach your health and fitness goals, it’s YOUR life- take control of it!!!

Check out the details here!