Best leg/butt workout!

Do you have a body part that you hated when you were younger but learned to love? For me that is without a doubt my booty. I used to HATE it!  I would find ways to cover it up. Now, I am absolutely in love with my booty because I was able to find a workout that targeted my “problem areas” lol There are special workout schedules whether you have a flat booty or too much of a good thing…or just need a little lift and toning!!

Leandro Carvalho trains SUPERMODELS!! He combines Brazilian dance, cardio, and his own signature lower-body sculpting moves to lift, firm, and shape your behind and you seriouslyyyy feel it working =)
Soooo since it’s that time of year when everyone seems to get distracted with the holiday craziness, I decided I needed something to keep me on track! We are doing a 4 week accountability group! We will be posting daily and keeping each other on track! You’ll get a daily email from me AND a text if I don’t hear from you!
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If you want to be a part of our 4 week booty challenge, EMAIL ME! I’d love to have you in the group! You can also sign up for the free Beachbody Challenge! It’s free and there are prizes to be won! Plus if you submit your progress pics, you get a free t-shirt! And they do a fun bundle package that saves you $$$. Yayyy!

What you need to do:

  1. Go HERE
  2. Sign up for the Beachbody Challenge (don’t fret…it’s free and you could win $$$ for submitting your story)
  3. Get the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack
  4. Email me and say hi!

How do I get a nice butt and thinner thighs?

Let’s Rock our Bum Bum for Christmas! 
Everyone wants a nice tushy but it’s often an area that gets overlooked in our workout regimes. I always was very self conscious of my butt because I felt like it was too big and squishy Eeeek! What I love most about this workout is he really knows how to focus on your problem areas (I lost 4 inches on my thighs!! hello yes please!!), make you work up a crazy sweat AND smile and laugh the whole time =) 

If you are ready to lift your back side and get it in shape once and for all, message ME!!! This is a 30 day challenge that you will be sooo glad you decided to take!

As your Beachbody Coach I will help you stay accountable to your workouts throughout the thirty day challenge with daily motivation, accountability and support through a closed facebook group.
Brazil Butt Lift is TRULY one of the BEST Beachbody workouts out there and I LOVVVEEE it! We have done BBL at Fit Clubs and I seriously am sore for at least 3 days. But it feels amazing! As women, we want our legs and butts to be lean and tight but they but they are often the first place we gain weight and get saggy. Take this challenge and start November 25th and you will be hoping that Santa brought you some sexy new panties for your slimmer, tighter and higher bum bum! It’s the PERFECT time to work off some of that Thanksgiving dinner lol
Shake your booty!
 The workouts are challenging and fun! What I love most is you will not only tone your backside but you will tone up everywhere else too.  The fitness program allows you to select the type of workout schedule you will follow based on the shape of your bum bum.  Whether your bum bum is to large, flat, little or saggy there is a workout for you!  So in my case, I am building my bum bum by lifting it up! 
You ladies deserve this! You owe it to yourself to be more fit and confident and remember, when you take care of yourself, you naturally enjoy all aspects of your life MORE! I can speak from experience on that one!
The Challenge pack includes:
Free coaching
Brazil Butt Lift with These workout programs:
1. Booty Basics (20 min) & Bum Bum (35 min)
2. High and tight (35 min) & Sculpt (50 min)
3. Cardio Axe (30 min) & Tummy Tuck (20 min)
  • Booty makeover guide w/workout schedule
  • Fat burning foods meal plan
  • 6 day supermodel slimdown plan
  • Traingle training workout cards (for on the go workouts)
  • Measurement card and tracker with tape measure
  • Resistance bands and pencil
  • 30 day supply of Shakeology on home direct
  • Free 30 day trial of Club Membership
You get all of this for $160 when you order it from me, your beachbody coach!
Go to my site and take the challenge to get started with me as your coach!
Message me or call me ASAP so you will be ready to have that beautiful booty in time for Christmas! That means you have to place your order by November 19th!

My booty! No longer HUGE and saggy!! lol

Your Truly,

What you need to do:

  1. Go HERE
  2. Sign up for the Beachbody Challenge (don’t fret…it’s free and you could win $$$ for submitting your story)
  3. Get the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack
  4. Email me and say hi!

Cellulite fighting Salad (or juice!) and other ways to fend it off!

The “C” word that makes EVERY girl cringe…Cellulite! Eeekkk! We’ve got to stop it! Prevent it! and it find ways to firm up existing dimples…

Why Do We Get Cellulite?

By now you’ve probably figured out that you could be a size 2 and still have cellulite. That’s because it’s not about how much you weigh, it’s about what you’re putting in your body to begin with. “Cellulite is simply excess fat and toxins that are stored in fat directly beneath the surface of the skin,” says Cynthia Pasquella, CCN and co-founder of SoCal Cleanse. “When our bodies are overburdened with chemicals, preservatives, and toxins from our environment, it stores them in body fat so they won’t damage vital organs. It might not look pretty but this is your body’s natural defense mechanism.”  Eeekk ads!

Where Do We Get Cellulite?
“The areas most prone to cellulite are your butt, inner thighs, lower stomach, and even your arms,” says Jennifer Kandemir, owner of Advanced Derma Laser Tech, Inc. While extremely hard to totally prevent, steering clear from toxins such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and salt can help keep your dimples in check.

How to Prevent Cellulite
From a nutrition standpoint, Pasquella says the best way to prevent future cellulite is to eat foods lower in fat and calories that don’t contain chemical preservatives. “Foods high in lecithin including tomatoes, cauliflower, oranges, spinach, apples, and iceberg lettuce are great for your dermal cells and reducing the appearance of cellulite,” she says. If you’re in a pinch, grab some cucumbers! Instead of eating them, slice them up and rub them directly on your cellulite. “This causes the collagen in your skin to tighten so your bumps aren’t as visible,” advises Pasquella. And don’t forget to stay hydrated — water flushes toxic waste from the body to help prevent cellulite from occurring in the first place.

Cellulite-Busting Detox Salad

Try this recipe from Pasquella to help ward off cellulite and tighten up existing issues.

The Perks:
Tomatoes and spinach are rich in lecithin to strengthen dermal cells, raw apple cider vinegar promotes healthy bacteria growth, kale is rich in cleansing chlorophyll and fiber, red pepper is packed with antioxidants, apples help detoxify and are rich in the soluble fiber pectin, parsley and lemon work to cleanse the liver and eliminate toxins, and ginger is a great detoxifier.

What You’ll Need:
• 1 cup organic kale
• 1 cup organic spinach
• ½ cup organic iceberg lettuce
• 1 small organic Granny Smith apple
• 1 medium organic tomato
• ½ organic red pepper
• 1 bunch organic parsley

Dressing Ingredients
• 4 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
• ½ organic lemon juiced
• 1 tsp. grated organic root ginger
• 1 tsp. organic, raw honey

Chop, slice and dice all salad ingredients and place in a bowl. Combine dressing ingredients in a separate bowl and then pour over salad. Toss and serve

I ditched the dressing and made mine into a juice! I just added 2 apples for sweetness! Note to self: use wayyyy less ginger next time lol

Exercises to Help Cellulite

Though there is no cure to cellulite, there are ways to reduce the amount of all over body fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite,” says Lisa Wheeler, creative group fitness manager at Equinox in New York City. Try this fat-blasting move below to strengthen, tone, and burn calories all at the same time.                      

The Move: 4 Ways Strong

Take these four power exercises that hit the glutes and thighs in every direction. Do four reps alternating with four jumping jacks. Repeat for four sets. This should take two minutes. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat three more times. This quickie ten-minute workout tones and tightens the glutes and thighs while upping your cardio to burn all over body fat. If you’re a beginner, modify with low impact variations of the moves.

• Power Lunges – switching 4X
• Jumping Jacks 4X
• Power Squat 4X
• Jumping Jacks 4X
• Lateral Ski 4X
• Jumping Jacks 4X
• Turning Jumping Squat 4X
• Jumping Jacks 4X

One of my absolute favorite workouts that helped firm up my thighs and butt…Brazil Butt Lift  Not only did I see a reduction in cellulite (umm hello sign me up!) it’s just a lot of FUN! My 30 day challenge group starts next monday so I can’t wait to see everyone get bootylicious! 

Shake Your Bum Bum

Hey everyone! I wanted to post a video of my favorite workout EVER!! Brazilian Butt Lift! Summer is coming, and you can’t forget about your backside….High & Tight is the best workout to give your butt some lift 🙂

BBL comes with 6 workouts that target every part of your body and the only equipment you need that’s not included are ankle weights and little weights (I use 5 lbs).

If you are thinking about starting P90X but are nervous that it is going to be too challenging…this is a great workout to get your ready! The tummy tuck workout was especially helpful to get ready for Ab Ripper X.
If you’ve ever dreamed of having a toned, taut, and perfectly rounded butt, now you can finally make those fantasies into reality. The Brazil Butt Lift help you achieven that to-die-for behind that lingerie and bikini models have! Sign me up please!

Leandro Carvalho (“The Butt Master”) shares his secret formula for sculpting the perfect butt! His proven TriAngle Training method targets all three major muscles to blast away flab, redefine the shape of your rear, lift and elevate your booty from multiple angles.

What Is In The Box?

5 Booty-Blasting Workouts
Bum Bum: Leandro’s signature workout (named after the Brazilian slang for “butt” and pronounced “boom-boom”) combines fat-blasting cardio with the best lower-body sculpting moves you’ve ever tried. (35 minutes)
High & Tight: Focus on all those stubborn trouble zones: the hips, glutes, and saddlebags. Leandro uses his secret weapons–the Booty Resistance Band and ankle weights–to lift your butt to new heights. (35 minutes)
Sculpt: In this Brazil Butt Lift Workout video, Leandro takes you through a total-body workout with a sexy Brazilian twist, to sculpt your entire body while focusing on your glutes. Look like a sexy supermodel–lean and toned, without the bulk. (50 minutes)
Cardio Axe: Feel like you’re dancing in the streets of Brazil with Leandro’s signature axe (pronounced “ah-shay”), a fat-burning, cardio-blasting, and dance-based workout that delivers all-over slimming results fast. (30 minutes)
Tummy Tuck: Leandro’s surefire way to get flat, sexy abs in just 15 minutes. (15 minutes)

Tools to Help You Shape Your Booty

Booty Makeover Guide: This booklet includes the Booty Blueprint to help you determine your current shape and the Booty Makeover Calendars customized to your particular shape so you know which workout program to follow to achieve your desired shape.
Fat-Burning Food Guide: This easy-to-follow meal plan was created by a nutritionist and is filled with mouthwatering, Brazilian-inspired recipes that will help you slim down without sacrificing flavor.
Booty Basics: In this introductory video, Leandro shares his TriAngle Training secret, signature moves, and tips on proper form to help you get the most out of the program.
Triangle Training Workout Cards: These cards contain step-by-step instructions on Leandro’s signature moves. Take them with you to create your own workout-on-the-go.
Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure: Watch the inches melt away as your entire body transforms.
Pencil: See if you pass the pencil test before you start the program. Test again every 30 days, and watch your butt LIFT.

Which Women Have the Best Buns in the World? Ballerinas, samba dancers, and women practicing the Afro-Brazillian fighting style of capoeira. Leandro Carvalho borrowed from all three workouts to develop his routine for crafting a bottom that is a work of art. The Brazilian Butt Lift includes plies, squats, lunges, explosive moves, plyometrics, touchdowns, kickbacks, and dance to achieve flawless curves and exceptional lift. As a personal fitness trainer, Leandro kept the secrets of the Brazil Butt Lift exclusive to elite supermodels like Alessandro Ambrosio. Now he is sharing his proven method with you so you can chisel the perfect butt in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Your Rear is One of the Most Complex Parts of Your Body
Your rear is one of the most complex parts of your body and it takes a variety of highly specific exercises to shape, reduce, and lift your glutes from every angle. The Brazil Butt Lift targets precise areas to deliver extraordinary results. If you’re not following the Brazil Butt Lift program, you are not working your butt from all the right angles – you could even end up make your butt look bulkier!

You don’t have to be a fitness guru or undergo surgery to your transform your booty from saggy to superb. Even beginners can have a shockingly firm, Brazilian butt on the same level as runway models and magazine cover girls. The kind of butt that leaves people speechless as they watch you walk away.

Say Goodbye to Cellulite and Dimples Forever!
Say goodbye to cellulite and dimples forever, the rock hard tush you’ve always dreamed of is now within your grasp. You’ll never have to feel self-conscious again with those perky cheeks on your backside. Rock your dynamite rump in skinny jeans, lingerie, bikinis, or in the buff. Be confident showing off your best feature. Just imagine yourself on the beach, bursting with assuredness, with a head-turning, explosive body to die for. Ka-pow! 

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