Sweating for the Wedding

It’s official…I’ve caught the wedding bug! Why do women love weddings so much?

It’s not about a big ring or an extravagant party…it’s about the feelings, emotions and experience you create with the love of your life, your family, your friends…all of the people you hold in your heart. 
It’s about feeling absolutely radiant inside and out, celebrating your love and being able to share that feeling, to express yourself as a couple and as individuals, and to create memories that will last a lifetime.
I will agree that there is a HUGE emphasis on women getting married and dreaming about their wedding day…oddly enough…I never went through that…no “dream wedding since I was a lil girl…BUT I’ve always been absolutely enamored with the dress/shoes (duh!) 
The older I get, the less important all of the details are to me (I’m even surprised to say that). 
Never the less, I’m been totally obsessed with David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding”  He is such an artist/visionary! 
He has a gift for really LISTENING and creating a masterpiece. His work is stunning and while the centerpieces are gorgeous…it’s MORE about the WHY behind the choices and the feelings the evoke for the couple and the guests. Truly Magical!

Anywhoooo the REASON I’ve been bitten by the Wedding fairy is because my very good friend is going to be tying the knot this November! They have the most precious 3 year old! I feel very honored to be a part of their special day.

Lindsay is a word smith so I have to share how she announced the news. You can just FEEL their love for one another radiate!

For those of you who know me… You know, I have the world’s most SUPPORTIVE partner in William Hodges. 3.5 years ago, after we had our daughter prematurely, with a severe brain bleed… and simultaneously acquired insurmountable medical debt because of it… He never faltered. After I became depressed working as a bartender and quit without any notice and decided to pursue a career with Beachbody

 (with no guaranteed income), STILL his love for me never wavered. He stood by me at my worst… and believed in me when there was NO track record of success. I can truly say I would not be where I am at today WITHOUT him! A wedding has seemed to be “in the works” for years… and has always been pushed back for one reason or another… Waiting for the “Perfect circumstances”… Well, Last Saturday, on our way to church in FL for the very last time… I heard a whisper that said, “There will never be a perfect time… You have to CREATE it.”

and so… I HAVE. In 86 days we will be boarding the Carnival Dream with some of my TOP COACHES, who just happen to be some of our BEST FRIENDS… (and now some of our immediate family, London included of course)… and I will be marrying MY PRINCE CHARMING and thee most amazing daddy in the entire world at one of our stops in the Isla Roatan at the GORGEOUS Pristine Bay Resort! (exactly 90 days in counting!)

Love you SO MUCH Babes! Can’t imagine my life without you!!! 🙂 ♥ 

 Not only do we get to help celebrate the next step in their life…but we get to do it in the most incredible/beautiful location! Cruise…beaches….BIKINIS! You know what that means….

Time to get my Body Beast on! Day 35 and I am feeling stronger! A little soft around the middle but everyone has been saying that…and I will lean out once we get the the Lean Phase of the program. This just gives me ALL the more motivation to complete this workout and stick to the nutrition guide (without a doubt the hardest part!!!) I really wanna do Les Mills Pump next. Gotta love the accents.
I’ve never been on a cruise before so I want this to be the trip of a lifetime! Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan, and Costa Maya!!! They are calling my name!

i want to look STUNNING in my bridesmaids dress- seriously, sometimes you just never know what you’re going to end up with as a bridesmaid. Lindsay has allowed us to have creative control and I stumbled upon this GORGEOUS little number! 
I have the patience of a 5 year old so of course I had the shipped expedited! I opted to stick with the color in the picture and changed the hand made flower/sash to Ivory to match Lindsay’s dress!

I have about 11 weeks to get in shape and rock a bikini with my girls! You KNOW we are going to want to take a TON of pics so I need to be ALL over this! Help me stay on track!
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Beachbody Challenge!

Are you ready to take the challenge??

To kick off the Beachbody Challenge Groups I am starting a Brazil Butt Lift Challenge group because of such high demand!!!

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Here’s a quick video on BBL:

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