5 Things You should Consider before Becoming a Beachbody Coach

So you are looking into this whole “COACHING” thing?

Here are 5 things you need to know before making the BEST decision for YOUR life!

#1 – Coaching is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”

If your number one priority is making bukoo bucks… You might as well save your $39.95 (sign up cost) and keep looking for the right opportunity for you… Because coaching will be a big fat waste of your time… NOT because you cannot end up making BIG MONEY… because you DEFINITELY CAN… but because in THIS business, the only people who make money are the ones who actually care to make a difference and help people change the course of their lives! Your income will ALWAYS be a direct reflection of the number of lives you help change!

You’ve probably wondered, what the heck do you actually DO as a coach, just SELL stuff? Absolutely not! It’s SO much more than that! As coaches we are BEACONS of light. (okay, slightly dramatic… but it’s TRUE!!!) We use our life, and the way we live it, to inspire and encourage others. What happens when you see a friend that you haven’t seen in a few months… and they have lost 20lbs, are beaming with energy and a whole new outlook on life? Well, I know what I DO… I ask them, “What the heck have you been doing girl!? You look INCREDIBLE!!! I want your secret!” — That’s the best way I can explain the basis of coaching. YOU are that person who, in this story, committed to changing their lives for the better… and thus EVERYONE around you wants to know YOUR SECRET. Mine, well, it’s BEACHBODY! P90X first changed my life after having my daughter London… then came Shakeology that literally was a health GAME CHANGER for me and has helped me to avoid being sick for coming on 3 years!!! and NOW, COACHING… which has taken me from a BANKRUPT BARTENDER with zero business experience… to a Top ranking Business owner making well over six figures a year… in just TWO YEARS mind you! WHY? Because I focused on changing ME first… Then shared my “secrets” with others who followed suit! 

 #3 – Coaches are Independent Business Owners.

When you become a coach you don’t the work for BEACHBODY… You work for YOURSELF! No one gives you deadlines, tells you how much you have to work, when you have to work, WHERE you have to work, nor do they decide your salary… YOU DO! And yea, I KNOW… SOUNDS INCREDIBLE, right? *and it IS*… IF you are willing to learn to manage your time effectively, stay consistent, be self-motivated and most of all, self-disciplined. MOST of us have never worked for ourselves… We have had all of our tasks and responsibilities laid out for us, a BOSS to hold us accountable and scare us from losing our job if we didn’t stay on point, a pre-determined salary or hourly rate GUARANTEED to us (even if it wasn’t great… we at least knew exactly what we would make.) and business hours (good ole 9-5!). The BEST comparison I can give you to describe the difference between working for someone else and working for yourself is the difference between HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE. Everyone HAS to go to High School… there is set rules, schedules, learning materials, teachers, subjects, tests, etc… But college… College is for the ELITE, the ones who want MORE out of life! The ones who are willing to take responsibility and make something of themselves. No one calls your mom when you skip class… tells you what to wear, which major to pick, nor which class times you will choose. If you drop out… Well, that’s on YOU. Owning your own business is the SAME WAY… So are you ready to Graduate to the BIG LEAGUES?


Your success as a coach is directly linked to how CONNECTED others feel to you. So many times when I talk to people who are trying to decide whether or not they are going to become a coach… They mention “not being at their goal body yet” as one of their reasons they doubt they would succeed. TRUTH IS… People don’t connect to PERFECTION… They connect to your STORY. The struggles you overcome on your JOURNEY… and the honesty and openness you are willing to share with them. THOSE are the things that inspire them to change! You want them to think, “Well, if SHE can…. So can I!”… NOT “Well, she is perfect… so, of course she succeeded!” Until I opened up and shared my story of losing myself after pregnancy… and having to file bankruptcy after acquiring $400,000 in medical debt…. Only THEN did they start to see I was human, just like THEM… with struggles, hold backs and experiences that I could have let hold me down. Question is: Are you willing to let down your guard and share? 


ALL successful coaches have ONE THING in common… They started with BIG DREAMS that fueled their fire to succeed! You have to have a CLEAR vision for YOUR LIFE and know what you are working for! Just like college… You go through the learning process (not making money) all the while KNOWING it will be WORTH IT in the end when you graduate and land the career of your dreams. Only difference here is that college could put you THOUSANDS of dollars in DEBT with no guarantee of a job… when in Beachbody you can actually MAKE MONEY while learning the ins and outs of your trade. IMAGINE if you spent FOUR FOCUSED YEARS, the way people do in college, on BEACHBODY!!! You would likely be earning more than most DOCTORS by the time you “graduated” with no debt to speak of! My point is… You have to know where you want to go… and more importantly WHY! The more defined your WHY… the HIGHER you FLY!

I hope this gave you a better idea of whether or not coaching is right for you and your goals, it is truly not meant for everyone… but when it lands in the lap of the person described above… MAGIC HAPPENS and DREAMS COME TRUE!

When and If you are ready to take the next step… I would love to lock arms with you and be your Coaching “professor” of sorts to show you why I love this business so very much and why I think you just may too! When you become a coach on my team… Your dreams become MY dreams… and THIS dreamer is most certainly a DOER!

Let’s make it count!

Lindsay Matway

If are are ready to take the leap and make the magic happen, team up with me =)


If you are thinking about signing up soon, I am just about to start my New Coach Training Camp! The cool thing about this biz is that you are your own boss, but you’re never alone. I’ll help you and teach you basically everything I’ve learned over the last 2 years.


Sweating for the Wedding

It’s official…I’ve caught the wedding bug! Why do women love weddings so much?

It’s not about a big ring or an extravagant party…it’s about the feelings, emotions and experience you create with the love of your life, your family, your friends…all of the people you hold in your heart. 
It’s about feeling absolutely radiant inside and out, celebrating your love and being able to share that feeling, to express yourself as a couple and as individuals, and to create memories that will last a lifetime.
I will agree that there is a HUGE emphasis on women getting married and dreaming about their wedding day…oddly enough…I never went through that…no “dream wedding since I was a lil girl…BUT I’ve always been absolutely enamored with the dress/shoes (duh!) 
The older I get, the less important all of the details are to me (I’m even surprised to say that). 
Never the less, I’m been totally obsessed with David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding”  He is such an artist/visionary! 
He has a gift for really LISTENING and creating a masterpiece. His work is stunning and while the centerpieces are gorgeous…it’s MORE about the WHY behind the choices and the feelings the evoke for the couple and the guests. Truly Magical!

Anywhoooo the REASON I’ve been bitten by the Wedding fairy is because my very good friend is going to be tying the knot this November! They have the most precious 3 year old! I feel very honored to be a part of their special day.

Lindsay is a word smith so I have to share how she announced the news. You can just FEEL their love for one another radiate!

For those of you who know me… You know, I have the world’s most SUPPORTIVE partner in William Hodges. 3.5 years ago, after we had our daughter prematurely, with a severe brain bleed… and simultaneously acquired insurmountable medical debt because of it… He never faltered. After I became depressed working as a bartender and quit without any notice and decided to pursue a career with Beachbody

 (with no guaranteed income), STILL his love for me never wavered. He stood by me at my worst… and believed in me when there was NO track record of success. I can truly say I would not be where I am at today WITHOUT him! A wedding has seemed to be “in the works” for years… and has always been pushed back for one reason or another… Waiting for the “Perfect circumstances”… Well, Last Saturday, on our way to church in FL for the very last time… I heard a whisper that said, “There will never be a perfect time… You have to CREATE it.”

and so… I HAVE. In 86 days we will be boarding the Carnival Dream with some of my TOP COACHES, who just happen to be some of our BEST FRIENDS… (and now some of our immediate family, London included of course)… and I will be marrying MY PRINCE CHARMING and thee most amazing daddy in the entire world at one of our stops in the Isla Roatan at the GORGEOUS Pristine Bay Resort! (exactly 90 days in counting!)

Love you SO MUCH Babes! Can’t imagine my life without you!!! 🙂 ♥ 

 Not only do we get to help celebrate the next step in their life…but we get to do it in the most incredible/beautiful location! Cruise…beaches….BIKINIS! You know what that means….

Time to get my Body Beast on! Day 35 and I am feeling stronger! A little soft around the middle but everyone has been saying that…and I will lean out once we get the the Lean Phase of the program. This just gives me ALL the more motivation to complete this workout and stick to the nutrition guide (without a doubt the hardest part!!!) I really wanna do Les Mills Pump next. Gotta love the accents.
I’ve never been on a cruise before so I want this to be the trip of a lifetime! Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan, and Costa Maya!!! They are calling my name!

i want to look STUNNING in my bridesmaids dress- seriously, sometimes you just never know what you’re going to end up with as a bridesmaid. Lindsay has allowed us to have creative control and I stumbled upon this GORGEOUS little number! 
I have the patience of a 5 year old so of course I had the shipped expedited! I opted to stick with the color in the picture and changed the hand made flower/sash to Ivory to match Lindsay’s dress!

I have about 11 weeks to get in shape and rock a bikini with my girls! You KNOW we are going to want to take a TON of pics so I need to be ALL over this! Help me stay on track!
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Forks Over Knives Impact- by Lindsay Matway

Ever have a MOVIE change your life?
“Forks Over Knives” did JUST THAT for me! I will be the first to admit that for the past 2 years my trick to staying lean has been a HIGH PROTEIN/LOW CARB diet… However sometimes there are more important things than just being “Lean”… I am sure we would all agree that our LONG-TERM health is one of them! I know for me, I want be around and HEALTHY for as long as possible! I am on a MISSION to change the world… and it will take all the ENERGY & stamina I can get to achieve the dreams I have planned!

Forks Over Knives really opened my eyes to the difference (both long and short-term) that your diet can make in your health! At 26 years old, sure, I look like a picture of health… but there are MANY mornings that I wake up tired, no matter how long I slept… many workouts that I feel I can’t complete if I don’t take a pre-workout supplement… and as “healthy” as I seem from the outside, something tells me that looks can be deceiving!
So I have decided to test out a NEW WAY of eating… No, I’m not quitting meat all together… I will still have turkey on Thanksgiving! But rather LIMITING my animal proteins substantially (5% of my daily food intake) and filling the remainder with plant based foods and Shakeology.
YES! This sounded terrifying & intimidating to me at first too!!! But, come to find out… There are ALL KINDS of cool ways to make vegan dishes taste just as good (& in the Vegan Tacos case, EVEN BETTER) than their MEATY counterparts!
MY SUGGESTION: Go rent the movie (or if you have Netflix, add it to your instant queue!) and watch it with an open mind!!!
No matter your age… Your health is IMPORTANT… I know this because my brother, David, died from Brain Cancer at 25 years old… WHAT IF his diet had something to do with it? What IF it could have been prevented? We will never know… but if you knew there was a way that you could feel & look better in the short term, and possibly be preventing disease in the long term… wouldn’t it be WORTH trying? I sure think so!
Here are a few Vegan dishes I have tried over this past week that I am IN LOVE WITH!!!
Vegan Tacos! (Click link to see the recipe!)

Vegan Pad Tai

Vegetable Pasta w/ Organic Tomato Sauce