How to Prevent Cellulite

Ahhh…I don’t even like to say the C word! It’s so gross! Cell-u-lite **shudder** They say that it occurs in 80-90 percent of females! (thank goodness I’m not alone! but I feel equally bad for all of my sistas out there). MAIN causes for this unflattering dimples are:

1. poor diet
2. lack of exercise
3. genetics
4. high estrogen levels (hormones)
5. high stress

Now how do we get RID of it?

DIET. A CLEAN diet is a MUST if you want to be dimple-free! This consists of six small meals a day, eating every two to three hours. Foods should consist of fruits, veggies, lean proteins & complex carbs! So many foods these days have preservatives and JUNK in them. Make sure you are consuming fresh foods! Fresh foods with no additives or preservatives will benefit your overall health and well-being! (If you need help, check out my grocery tab)

EXERCISE. Exercise burns fat deposits; cellulite can NOT form easily on an active person. Now you don’t have to LIVE in the gym, but you need to be active at least 20-60 minutes a day! Being ACTIVE doesn’t mean steps throughout the day… it means getting your heart rate up in your personal fat-burning zone (220 minus YOUR age) for at LEAST 20 minutes a day. Go for a bike ride, a hike, take the dog out for a run, etc. Whatever it may be, get that heart pumpin’! If you need a good workout program, go to and browse the shop tab. (Brazil Butt Lift helped me focus on my lower body and reduce cellulite)

STRENGTH TRAINING. Yes, ladies, this is for us as well! You will NOT become “manly” by lifting weights! It will allow your body to burn calories throughout the WHOLE day instead of the short timeframe DURING cardio! Cardio and strength training go hand in hand! Making time for both will only benefit your mission to become or stay cellulite-free!

OVERCOME GENETICS. Yes, genetics play a role here, but it doesn’t mean you can use that as an EXCUSE! If you eat correctly and exercise, cellulite WILL disappear 🙂 It may not be overnight, but stay consistent and you WILL see RESULTS!

AVOID STRESS. Stress is also one of the main causes of cellulite. Stress on the body causes hormones to go crazy. When you stress, the body produces excess amounts of the hormone catecholamine, which has been linked to cellulite appearance! Practice yoga, relaxation techniques or meditation of some sort to lower personal stress levels!

Cellulite creeps up quickly! The last thing we want is to be a VICTIM of It 😉 All it takes is a little cleaning up in the diet area, exercise, strength training and practicing stress-free techniques! Eliminating cellulite benefits our overall health and well being! It also gives us the confidence we need as women! Focus on your goals and get to work! =) 

Beauty and the Beast! 

I love pretty things…pretty food makes it taste better. Jay apparently does not feel the same lol

My breakfast: Protein banana pancakes with a hint of nutmeg. peanut butter/Greek yogurt topping sprinkled with cinnamon & garnished with fresh fruit (More Pancake Recipes here)

Jay’s Breakfast: Meat. Caveman style

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